Best Roblox Games in 2024

Roblox is a game that becomes infinitely more enjoyable when played with others. I hope we’re on the same page when we say that games are much more fun when played with friends.

The game still remains one of the most played titles in 2024, thanks to the community coming up with new content all the time. Don’t forget to purchase Robux online and buy your favorite skin or the gamepass.

After trying out hundreds of games, we made a list of our best picks, listed by genre, to play with your friends. These are our favorites; let us know your most played Roblox game mode in the comments below.

The best Roblox games to play with your friends in 2024

Obbie and Puzzles

Obbies are obstacle runs in Roblox; they are also called death runs in games like Fortnite. Obbies are one of the most iconic game modes in Roblox. The game can be as short as a five-minute course or something like “The Tower of Hell,” which could take forever to complete.

We put puzzles together with obbies because there are a lot of fun obbies that require problem-solving and critical thinking to finish the game. You must be able to work with your teammates and assist each other to complete the course.

We have also included “Squid Game” in this list, a game that is based on the popular TV show and is one of the most played game modes in Roblox.

Just so you know, these games can become very competitive and stressful, and if you’re ready to experience them, here are our suggestions.

●  The Floor is Lava

●  Guess the logo

●  Teamwork Puzzles

●  Red Light, Green Light (Squid Game)

●  The Tower of Hell

Horror and escape rooms

How can we not include horror games when it comes to having the most fun? Though Roblox might look a little cartoonish and not so scary, these games can sometimes become spooky and give you the excitement of playing a horror game.

Escape rooms are a little similar to puzzles, but the most popular escape rooms on Roblox fall under the horror genre.

●  Granny

●  Rainbow Friends

●  Cheese Escape

●  The Mimic



Most of the popular Roblox games belong to the action genre: gun games, deathmatches, zombie survival, and many more.

You might have heard about arms-race or gun-games, competing against your friends for kills with different weapons and being the first to finish the game, simply scoring the highest number of kills with your favorite weapon in a deathmatch, or going full survival mode and guns-blazing in zombie survival.

If these are the game modes that pique your interest, check out the list below.

●  Zombie Attack

●  Phantom Forces

●  Blackhawk Rescue Mission 5

●  Arsenal

●  Bedwars

Become a YouTuber, a restaurant owner, or a billionaire in tycoons and simulators. Play along with multiple other players on a roleplaying server, or experience the luxurious interiors of the Titanic and escape before it crashes with an iceberg and sinks. Roblox has so many great game modes, and you would never be bored exploring all of them.

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