CorelDraw X7 Free Download [Updated 2021]

“CorelDraw X7, a powerful application for vector graphics, stands out as a fantastic tool for enhancing artistic creations. Also known as CorelDraw Graphics Suite X7, this program offers a comprehensive graphic solution.

While CorelDraw has various versions, the X7 Edition is highly recommended, featuring over 100 new fonts, shapes, image editing tools, Mosaic for vectorizing bitmaps, and a fully customizable interface

. Compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 7, this software provides not only these features but also introduces innovative ways to expedite your workflow.

Having used this application for six months, I can affirm that it is one of the most productive tools available for graphic designers. You can conveniently download CorelDraw X7 v7.1, the latest version, with a single click from my high-speed server.

This offline installation is tailored for 64-bit devices, while the lite edition supports both 32-bit and 64-bit architectures. Feel free to download the portable version of CorelDraw X7 from this source.”

CoreldrawX7 is available for free

“CorelDraw X7 offers an array of tools tailored for web designers, photographers, and engineers, providing a user-friendly and efficient working environment.

With the recent update, tools like CorelSHOW, CorelCHART, CorelTRACE, CorelMOVE, and CorelCHART have undergone enhancements, making them more user-friendly and empowering.

These tools serve as the foundational elements of CorelDraw and have seen improvements to enhance their functionality.

Additionally, a Lite workspace is available, designed to assist new users in quickly acclimating to the suite. This Lite version is not only more memory-efficient but is also compatible with a wide range of devices.”


“CorelDraw X7, a Windows-based vector illustration program, stands out as a highly popular choice among artists and designers for its ability to streamline workflows.

The redesigned interface enhances efficiency, instilling confidence in users. With native 64-bit support, CorelDraw X7 allows for seamless handling of large files and simultaneous operation of multiple programs.

Renowned for its commitment to quality and flexibility, Corel Corporation prioritizes creating captivating and visually appealing art.

CorelDraw X7 integrates the best features, enabling users to craft stunning designs not only for shapes and images but also for folders, flyers, logos, business cards, and more.

The software supports 64-bit Photoshop Plugins and incorporates tools for quick import and export of properties. A noteworthy addition is the “Font Playground,” a feature facilitating swift font selection

. Upon choosing a text style, it displays multiple instances of the text, empowering users to make informed decisions about the most suitable style for their needs.”


“Millions of users worldwide employ CorelDraw X7 software for crafting both 2D and 3D static graphics. With a rich array of tools, particularly specialized in clip arts, it provides a comprehensive environment for exploration and creation.

CorelDraw encompasses everything essential for diverse applications, from t-shirt designs to website layouts. Its versatility will be further elaborated upon in the subsequent sections of this review. Here, I share some insights into my experiences with the new features and improvements.”

Content Exchange

“Recently, Corel Corporation introduced a new feature called “Content Exchange.” This innovative feature allows users to explore and share various tools, including bitmap pattern designs, fountain fills, and vector files.

Corel PHOTO-PAINT and CorelCHART are among the tools available for this purpose, and users can conveniently add them to their project trays. This feature facilitates seamless sharing of assets, even while on the go.

CorelDraw, an all-in-one software, empowers users to create realistic images with outstanding graphics performance.

The software ensures that image creation and editing can be done without compromising quality, providing a distinctive look to your visuals. Notably, CorelDraw X7 operates independently, eliminating the need for any additional software.”

Best tool for marketers

“Professional marketers, many of whom operate from home, rely on advanced software for ad creation and modifying existing projects. CorelDraw has emerged as a crucial tool for business owners, entrepreneurs, and occasional users, becoming one of the most invaluable tools ever created.

In its latest version, CorelDraw features a sleek and user-friendly interface known as Sleeker. The standard toolbar is conveniently located at the top, providing swift access to common Windows commands like save, print, copy, import, export, new, open, close, and create.

The Multiple Document Interface (MDI) feature allows users to view multiple documents in a tabbed mode, facilitating easy switching between active applications and maintaining an organized workflow. Furthermore, CorelDraw is compatible with multi-monitor setups.

The introduction of a new welcome screen enhances user experience, and all notifications are conveniently accessible in the navigation panel to keep users informed about the latest content.”

Multiple Workspace

“CorelDraw X7 stands out as the pioneer application providing a range of workspace options. It offers six pre-set workspaces:

default, lite Photoshop, Illustrator, advanced page layout, and illustrator. Users can select a workspace that aligns with their specific needs and proficiency level. For those looking for a streamlined interface, the lite workspace allows users to scale down the toolbar.

With CorelDraw X7, creating a Quick Response Code (QR code) is a simple process, achievable in just a few steps. QR codes are machine-readable codes composed of various colors and text.”


“Corel Corporation has elevated CorelDraw X7 to a superior level of performance, ensuring an efficient and seamless process from concept to production. The software demonstrates the ability to swiftly handle large files, significantly boosting productivity.

Ready-made Resources: CorelDraw X7 provides a plethora of templates, photo paint options, clipart images, frames, and objects. This wealth of pre-existing elements allows users to save time and enhance their artwork by effortlessly incorporating desired objects into any project.

Font Embedding: Among its valuable features, CorelDraw X7 includes font embedding, particularly beneficial when sending a document for printing. By embedding fonts, the recipient can view and edit the document exactly as intended.”


“Compatibility of CorelDraw X7:

Operating Systems: Windows 7 / Vista / XP / Windows 8.1 / Windows 10
Minimum Installed Memory (RAM): 2 GB
Hard Disk Drive (HDD) Requirement: Minimum 4 GB
Processor: Intel Dual Core or Advanced
Technical Installation Details:

Full Name: CorelDraw X7
Type of Setup: Offline Installer / Official Files
Compatibility: 32-bit (X86), 64-bit (X64)”


“Looking for Corel Draw’s older version? I recommend downloading the latest version using the following link. This setup includes all the recent updates and new features. Softlinko is just a click away from CorelDraw X7. Explore and enjoy its comprehensive features.”

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