How To Download JW Player Videos Easily Online on Browser

Looking to download JW Player videos hassle-free? If you’re seeking a comprehensive guide on how to download JW Player videos for free, this article is all you need. We’ll present various effective methods in this guide to download online streaming videos that utilize JW Player.

The beauty of this guide lies in its approach – you won’t require additional applications or downloaders to fetch JW Player videos. Sounds fantastic, right?

Downloading JW Player Videos: For those unfamiliar with JW Player, let’s delve into its role and how it’s used by most streaming sites for video content. If you’re already acquainted with JW Player, feel free to jump to our download guide, which demonstrates an effortless way to download JW Player videos without extra software. Let’s dive into the article without delay.

JW Player, a New York-based company, aids websites in hosting their video content. It simplifies embedding video clips onto web pages for website owners. Renowned for its efficiency in utilizing website resources and offering a user-friendly interface, JW Player has gained widespread popularity among website owners for content uploading.

JW Player assumes complete control over video content and offers numerous APIs to access videos in various ways. Once you share your video in your console, simply copy the HTML code into your website – a reason why many leading news and journal sites opt for JW Player. Now, with this insight into JW Player, let’s proceed.

Ways To Download JW Player Videos

Now, let’s tackle the big question: how do you download JW Player videos? If this question has been on your mind, let’s explore the various methods available for downloading JW Player videos. I’ll provide detailed insights into two different methods that allow you to download videos from any online streaming site. Let’s begin with the first method.


Which browser do you use? Is it Chrome or Firefox? Around 90% of users typically opt for these two browsers. Share your browser choice in the comments below. The best part about Chrome and Firefox is their robustness and advanced features, making external applications unnecessary for video downloads. Follow the steps below to start downloading online videos.

STEP 1: Launch your preferred browser (Chrome or Firefox).

STEP 2: Visit your favorite streaming site where you wish to download the video.

STEP 3: Click on the play button within the JW Player on the page and allow the video to load completely.

STEP 4: Once the video begins playing, pause it. For Google Chrome users, press Ctrl + Shift + I or right-click on the webpage and select Inspect element. If you’re using Firefox, right-click on the webpage and choose view web info.

STEP 5: In Chrome, navigate to Network and select Media. For Firefox, the Media button is directly accessible.

STEP 6: Within the Media page, locate links ending with .mp4 or other video extensions. Simply copy the video URL and open it in a new tab. This action will prompt your favorite video to start downloading automatically. Voila! It’s that simple. So, why wait? Visit your preferred streaming site and download your favorite videos.

Using this approach, you can download JW Player videos directly in your browser without additional software or extensions. However, if you prefer a method that doesn’t require obtaining the video URL each time or you’re open to using other downloaders, our second method for downloading JW Player videos has you covered. Let’s delve into this method.


IDM, or Internet Download Manager, probably rings a bell for most users 🙂. It’s the go-to download manager across various platforms, especially when handling sizable files. If you’re unfamiliar, IDM simplifies the process of downloading large files, offering features like pause/resume, enhanced speed, and reliability.

Apart from managing big files, IDM also enables you to download online videos streamed on your browser. What sets IDM apart is its simplicity and functionality. With IDM, downloading videos is a breeze – just a click and you’re set! Here’s how to download online videos using IDM:

STEP 1: Search for “Download IDM Latest Version 2021” on Google and download IDM from the official website.

STEP 2: Run the downloaded file and install IDM on your computer. Ensure all your browsers are closed during installation.

STEP 3: Once IDM is successfully installed, you’ll receive a download prompt for every online video you stream. Which method do you prefer? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


After going through this article, we trust you’ve gained insights into downloading videos from JW players in 2021 without the need for additional applications or via IDM. If you found this article beneficial, consider sharing it with your friends and family to help us reach a wider audience. Your support means a lot!

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