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The new age of internet usage is pretty much moving to your smartphone, most people use them for shopping and other tasks as well. In fact some things are almost exclusively done on apps that one has on their smartphone. Shopping is one of the things that is somewhere in the middle currently.

Among all the possible apps one can have on their phone, Prislo is a serious contender in every form. The app works well and allows users to be able to get a personalised shopping app that doesn’t have any random extra features that are of no use.

What does Prislo do

You can spend hours scouring different websites, looking for something that you want but don’t know exactly which make or model. With Prislo all you have to do is search, in one place. It is connected to dozens of websites and can source that product from all of them, getting together a massive amount of different results.

A compiled list of the product, the various choices, pictures and prices are all at your fingertips in seconds.

Benefits of the Prislo app

This lets you go over all the options, in one palace without having to switch apps and websites and waste your time; all the while getting confused as well. From this one portal, you can go to all the different places.

Having the prices all there too helps you decide. Everyone has a rough budget in mind and the Prislo app allows you to go over the prices quickly. You can even sort things by price and go from lower to higher or vice versa.

Once you like something you tap it and then can get redirected to the source website to palace your order. If not, you just tap back and are back to the result space in an instant. Having all the results in one place where you can vet them and choose easily, helps you save time. The annoyance of opening too many tabs or having to switch apps is all gone.

Other features that are useful

Prislo also lets you mark items and set price alerts. These alerts let you know of any changes in price. Tracking the price helps you keep an eye on things in case the prices drop or if they are going up fast you are in the know.

The filters built into the Prislo app let you make your search a lot more specific to what you are looking for. This is a great way to get to what you want faster, especially when you are searching for a broader kind of product.

For instance, if you searched “jacket”, the filters let you pick between ‘leather’ and ‘wool’. This instantly removes the results that you are not interested in seeing. The filters switch themselves and are relevant to whatever you are searching for.

This product makes use of AI to make your experience even better. Using AI allows Prislo to make sure the results are good and also to get results that are relevant to you as an individual. After a few searches, the homepage also shows you things that you may be interested in.

The money matters

Aside from providing you with what you are looking for, Prislo can also help you save money by finding sources from all over. You may find what you are looking for at a better price elsewhere and save a pretty penny.

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