Epic Books: A Complete Guide


Epic books are a digital platform of reading. Is launched in 2014 .it is not only an app it is a free books library for our kids. Epic books are suitable for 12 years kids .On the database epic has 10, 0000 high qualities books for kids and students.it has got two version .

In which app has included popular 40, 0000 books of high quality and 250 books are published by a famous author. Epic is the worldwide digital online subscription book service for kids and students.in which include a many types of books like; audio books, educational videos and fun education’s quizzes

In epic books we get a books in many types of language like Spanish,  French and Chinese language books.it is an American students and kids subscription based reading and learning platform. This service can be used in desktop and mobiles.

it is a digital library and readers for videos and books for children more of which are added weekly and monthly. This platform is very easily used by teachers, kids and students.

 Epic is designed specifically for teachers and students with the ability of many useful and informational books. This app is very helpful for the students and kids because it is used for learning, growing and reading.

 It is a reading app. In epic majority of books are in English language. By using this app kids gets learning and reading skills. THIS APP HAS EVERY TYPES OF BOOKS FROM PICTURES BOOKS TO chapters book, audiobooks, graphic novels, read to me, comics, educational titles and notification.

Advantages of epic books

An epic book is very useful app for teachers and students. This app is provide a forty thousand high quality kids ’books in the form of eBook’s for a monthly membership fee.it is a digital reading and learning   platform  app and website for kids and children’s.

It is a big source of developing a learning and reading skills in a students and kids . Through this app teachers get a more benefit because teachers can see what books the students are reading and checked their progress.

 Students used this app for reading, for fun, for about themes and specific topics. It is free for teachers. This app offers the students audiobooks options too. Epic is free for teachers and students therefore, students can read more and earn classroom rewards points.

 Through this app we learn and earn easily. This app increases your interest and ability level. In Secret Class app if you are stop reading, epic is mark the place, lines and page, so if you want again read your lesson you can start from where you left off.  

If you reading a book, epic books app records your time that how many time you took to read?

  This is not a good and not a bad.  This is good for parents because it make sure kids don’t skip to the end and they are read their chapter book in a 25 to 30 sec. but it is not accurate if you are leave your app and browser open since it will show you took 6 to 8 hours to read a few pages.  In which we learn easily through in which include a many type informational materials. This app give you topics and materials according to your age. Mostly students and kids like to search keywords and by many categories such as adventure, fantasy, recommended, funny and sports.

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