Everything About The Game Industry Investors And Funding 

In recent years, we have seen a surge in the demand for game industry investors. Day by day, people are inclined towards mobile gaming ideas to make a presence in the gaming industry. When you hire a game developer, remember that you are not just hiring a professional but a mentor who can guide you through all the aspects of mobile game development. There are different types of video game investors who have different budgets and preferences for mobile games. 

You can take advantage of some of the striking strategies to attract investors that fit your gaming project or preferences. There are varieties of investors who have their own set of goals and objectives and offer gaming entrepreneurs an opportunity to launch a personalized gaming app for Android and iOS. 

In this article, you will get everything about the game industry investors and funding, offering crucial insights and information. 

Game Industry Investors and Their Preferences 

Game Industry investors tend to invest in games that offer them lucrative benefits like high reach, global user base and increased ROI. AAA games are one of the most interesting gaming genres that offer investors to be more profitable and lucrative. Game development is not everyone’s cup of tea and hence requires professional expertise and knowledge of the expert matters in that aspect. 

They don’t like to wait for the deliverables and one must meet the deadlines when working with the game industry investors. Moreover, they generally prefer hiring a mobile game development company that can meet these criteria. This, in turn, helps them increase their return on investments and minimise the risk factor to stay ahead of the curve. 

Practices of The Game Investors 

The Gaming industry is becoming big and lucrative day by day, which features varied investors, players, developers and portals. Each of the stakeholders has their own set of rules and practices to meet. Investors are allowed to share the game development business profits of the games, but this also means that the developers might have to leave some of their intellectual rights of the property or owned assets. The royalty conditions/revenue share generally favour the investors, who then receive some of the percentage of the profit. 

How To Convince Investors for a Game 

Finding an investor is a daunting task as it requires a lot of market research, brainstorming and planning. It depends on your luck and the way you pitch the investors to convince them of your game. Even the experienced team of developers find it difficult to get funding for games and as a result, they spend a lot of time visiting the investors, offering them game demos to convince them to sign a project. It is more likely to happen a lot of times that investors don’t take your project seriously because they need a detailed guide of your game and just a mobile gaming idea. 

It would help gaming entrepreneurs if they showcase MVP or a detailed guide before the mobile game development process. Mobile game investors are very skilled and intelligent when it comes to investing in games, so before preparing a pitch make sure to tailor it according to the preferences of the investors to stay ahead of the curve. 

Tips To Pitch A Gaming Investor 

You can not pitch varied gaming investors with the same method, but you can surely create an impact following these tips. It is obvious that every investor is different and so are their requirements and preferences, but you can surely tailor your pitch according while following these tips carefully: 

Do Not Forget to Research 

The first and foremost thing you must do is research about the gaming industry investors. Check what type of games are making a difference in the market and how much money they are tapping from across the globe. 

Define your USP 

After researching well, make sure to define the unique selling point of your game which makes it distinguished or different from other gaming apps. Learn what point sets your game apart because this will help you target your investors well. 

Keep Your Pitch Short and Crisp 

Keep your pitch short and crisp so that you can offer your investors a straightforward proposal without causing confusion. 

Create a Game Demo 

In order to justify the quality and functionality of your game, make sure to create a game demo that defines everything about your game. This will help you gain the trust and confidence of your gaming investors. 

Showcase P&L Sheet 

Once you are done with the demo part, showcase to your investors a detailed and authentic profit and loss document, using which they can easily track the cost breakdowns, investment amount and approximate returns on the same. 

Focus on Numbers 

In order to persuade investors, you need to talk about the numbers as they always prefer to focus on the figures, numbers, and cold facts and stats. Make sure to offer them a constructive plan with realistic goals. 

Final Words 

By now you might have understood the crucial aspects of the gaming industry investors and how you can pitch your games to investors to get an instant approval. A lot of entrepreneurs today invest money in game development companies to get lucrative and beneficial results. If you want to pitch an investor, following the above-mentioned tips will not only help you get approval but also stay ahead of the curve. 

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