FuboTV Buffering? 7 Ways to Fix Live Streaming Issues

Experiencing frequent buffering interruptions during streaming can be highly inconvenient. It disrupts the overall viewing experience, particularly when it occurs regularly. The primary culprit behind buffering problems is often sluggish internet speed. Additionally, issues such as app incompatibility, bugs within the streaming app or system, server outages, and various other factors can contribute to this problem. If you’re encountering buffering problems on fuboTV and seeking solutions, you’ve come to the right place.

How to Fix Live Streaming Issues on fuboTV

This article comprehensively addresses solutions to resolve the buffering problem on fuboTV when streaming the Live FIFA World Cup.

Check Your Internet

FuboTV buffering problems are likely stemming from slow internet connectivity. If your network is sluggish and unreliable, fuboTV may encounter buffering issues. To address this, assess your internet speed using SpeedTest. If instability is detected, employ the following methods:

  • Disconnect other devices connected to the Wi-Fi.
  • If using a router, bring it closer to your device.
  • Establish a wired connection between the router and your device using an Ethernet cable, or switch to the 5GHz band if you have a dual-band router and prefer a wireless connection.
  • For mobile data users, toggle Airplane Mode on and off, and then enable mobile data again.
  • If possible, switch to a different network.
  • If internet instability persists, contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Follow these steps to troubleshoot slow internet. However, if your internet is stable and the issue persists, proceed to the next step in this article.

Check The Status Of fuboTV

Buffering on fuboTV might also result from server issues. Verify the server status of fuboTV by checking the fuboTV status page. On occasions, the fuboTV server may be temporarily down due to routine maintenance or high traffic. If the server is indeed down, exercise patience and wait for it to be operational again. However, if there is no indication of a server problem, proceed to the next troubleshooting step outlined in this article.

Restart Stream And fuboTV App

To address potential technical glitches, consider restarting the stream. If you encounter issues, close the stream and relaunch it after a brief interval. If the problem persists, proceed to restart the fuboTV app. This step is likely to resolve the issue; however, if the problem persists, proceed to the next troubleshooting step provided in this article.

Lower Video Quality

If you’re experiencing buffering issues on fuboTV, consider reducing the stream quality. Poor signal strength can contribute to ongoing buffering problems. To watch the stream without interruptions, switch to a lower quality. For example, if initially playing the stream at 1080p, consider adjusting it to 720p, and if necessary, further decrease it to 480p.

Re-Login To Your Account

Another recommended troubleshooting step is to log out and log back into your fuboTV account. Begin by logging out of your account on fuboTV. Subsequently, restart the app and proceed to log in once again. After completing these steps, check whether the issue persists or has been resolved.

Clear Cache Of App

The issue may also be attributed to the app’s cache. While app caching enhances user experience, prolonged storage can lead to corruption and related problems. To address this, clear the app’s cache using the following steps:

  • Open the Settings app on your device.
  • Choose the Apps option.
  • Locate and select fuboTV from the Apps list.
  • Navigate to Storage and opt for Clear Cache to eliminate the app’s cache.

It’s worth noting that the steps to clear the cache may vary across different devices; the provided instructions are specific to clearing app cache on Android. If you are using a browser, clear the browser’s cache before attempting to stream again.

Reinstall fuboTV App

If the issue persists despite following the previous steps, consider reinstalling the app. Uninstall the app from your device and then reinstall it from the application store on your device. After the installation is complete, sign into your account, and you should be able to resume streaming without encountering buffering issues.

Switch To A Different Device

If none of the previously mentioned steps have resolved the issue, consider switching to an alternative device. For example, if you were streaming on your phone, try using another phone, a laptop, or any available device. If you were utilizing a specific browser for fuboTV streaming, consider switching to a different browser.

Final Words

These steps provide a solution for addressing buffering problems on fuboTV. If you are encountering continuous buffering on fuboTV, preventing you from watching the stream, follow the above-mentioned steps to resolve the issue.


Will fuboTV Have Fifa World Cup 2022?

Certainly, fuboTV will broadcast the FIFA World Cup 2022. You can catch the FIFA World Cup on Fox and FS1 through the fuboTV platform.

Why is FuboTV Buffering So Much While Streaming FIFA World Cup 2022?

Buffering problems may arise from a slow internet connection. If your internet is sluggish or unstable, fuboTV may experience buffering. To address buffering issues on fuboTV, troubleshoot your internet connection. If the problem persists, consider temporarily lowering the stream quality.

How Can I Improve My fuboTV Streaming Quality?

To fully enjoy the FIFA World Cup, opt for high-quality streaming. If you encounter difficulties achieving this, relocate your router closer to the device. For uninterrupted internet service, establish a direct connection between your router and device using an Ethernet cable. Refresh your mobile data connection by toggling Airplane Mode on and off. A faster internet connection is essential for optimal streaming quality.

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