Fix: Paramount Plus Not Working, Keeps Freezing, Crashing on PS4, PS5

In the aftermath of the pandemic, perspectives on various aspects of life, including employment, lifestyle, health, and entertainment, underwent a significant shift. Streaming services have reached their pinnacle of popularity, with many individuals incorporating them into their daily routines. Paramount Plus, a well-received streaming service, stands out for its impressive features and reasonable pricing. Accessible on key platforms like smart TVs, PCs, and gaming consoles such as the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, Paramount Plus offers a diverse range of original programming and CBS broadcast content from the Viacom CBS library.

Formerly known as CBS All Access, the streaming application has encountered challenges on PlayStation, including issues like a black screen, continuous buffering, unavailable video, or app freezes. Here, we present potential solutions to address problems with Paramount Plus not working or crashing on the PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5.

Possible Paramount Plus Causes and Solutions

Paramount Plus may encounter various issues, and the causes differ based on the device being used (mobile, PC/laptop, or Firestick). Here are some common problems and their solutions. If Paramount Plus crashes every time it is launched on PS, slow internet could be the culprit. Another potential cause is insufficient phone memory; when memory is low, apps may close and crash. To address this, restart the app and consider restarting your device. Disabling airplane mode can also reset your internet connection. Clearing the background app refresh may reduce lag in other apps.

If Paramount Plus Live TV isn’t Working

If your TV is experiencing issues with the IP address or Wi-Fi connection, the first step is to verify your internet connection. Service providers assign different IP addresses, and the browser is the most direct method to check the IP address. Ensure there are no issues with proxy servers, and if a VPN is activated, consider disabling it. However, there is typically no need to enable a VPN while watching live TV, as secure access is already assured for viewers.

A Poor Internet Connection can be the Cause of your App Freezing.

Activate and deactivate airplane mode to reboot your internet, which may resolve issues with your app. Background apps can consume refresh rates in the background, so consider removing and reinstalling them. If the Paramount Plus app is not functioning correctly, try uninstalling and then reinstalling it. Clearing the storage on your device can also help the app initiate properly.

If you’re unable to download the Paramount Plus app from your store, it could be due to internet issues causing download interruptions or 404 errors. Inspect the Paramount Plus app on your device, install the latest app update, and delete the store cache (Google Play, App Store, etc.). A stable internet connection and sufficient storage are necessary for a successful application installation.

If your FireStick isn’t Working

Several factors could be responsible for your Fire Stick not functioning correctly. The installed files may have been deleted, your storage space might be running low, or there could be an issue with the internet.

To troubleshoot, try restarting your router and modem to help your WiFi reconnect. Paramount Plus requires a minimum internet speed of 4 Mbps, so ensure your connection meets this requirement. Additionally, check the Paramount Plus app requirements on your Firestick to ensure compatibility.

Paramount Plus Not Working, Keeps Freezing, Crashing on PS4, PS5, PC

Streaming services often impress us with their extensive and up-to-date content selection, but the experience can be marred by app bugs. Each error comes with a specific code that you can report to the official support team for resolution through an update. Nevertheless, resolving the bug may require some time.

1. Restart the Paramount Plus Application

Rebooting the application can often address various technical issues. It’s a go-to strategy for resolving problems with our devices. Prior to exploring any other solutions, consider restarting both the Paramount program and the PlayStation.

To restart the application

Retrieve your PlayStation controller. Hold down the PS button on the controller. Navigate to the selected program in the menu and choose “Close.” Hold down the PS button once again. Select “Restart” and wait for the PlayStation to reboot. Launch the Paramount app again to check if the issue has been resolved.

2. Check the Modem/Router Status

We won’t examine the internet connection as it’s a separate fundamental issue with the website. The streaming services require a minimum speed for optimal output. You can check your internet speed on various websites. If you notice a slow speed, consider restarting your router or modem to address any technical issues before contacting your service provider.

3. Re-Sign in on the Paramount Plus App

Even after attempting the previously mentioned solutions, if the issue persists, log out of the Paramount Plus app and then log back in. Occasionally, the subscription page may encounter problems due to server failures. Logging out and logging back in will refresh your account’s subscription and resolve the issues. To log out of the app, click on your profile image, then select Account in the upper right corner of the screen, and finally, click Log Out.

4. Check Paramount Plus Server Status.

At times, the issue may stem from the backend, requiring attention to our hardware. Before resorting to technical procedures, it is recommended to verify the server status. To streamline the process, check the Paramount Plus server status on the company’s official website. Alternatively, you can use social media platforms and impartial websites like Downdetector to identify any outages. If issues are detected, it is advisable to await resolution on the business side.

5. Check for Updates

The next step in resolving the issue is to check for updates for both the Xbox system and the Paramount Plus application. Outdated versions can sometimes lead to technical problems. While the PlayStation typically provides notifications for game or system updates, checking for updates manually is necessary for various reasons.

Update Application

Press the PS remote button upon launching the application. If updates are available, select the “check for updates” option and proceed with the installation. Alternatively, access the notification panel and click on Downloads. Check for any pending updates and initiate the download. Following the update, the PlayStation will automatically restart the Paramount Plus application, enabling you to continue watching your desired content.

Update PlayStation

Choose System Software Update from the settings menu. Then, opt for Check for Updates and wait for any updates to be detected. If an update is available, select Next and follow the on-screen instructions. After the PlayStation restarts, check for the application.

Moreover, Paramount Plus allows you to add three profiles and stream on three devices simultaneously. You can review the streaming devices linked to the account and verify their connectivity. This could be a potential cause of the issue, and resetting your account password may resolve it.


We’ve presented a variety of effective solutions to address the Paramount Plus Not Working/Crashing on PS4 or PS5 issue, as outlined above. Experiment with any of the solutions, or employ a combination of them, to find the one that suits your situation. You should now be able to resolve this bug. I trust this post has been helpful to you. If you require further assistance or continue experiencing issues, reach out to Paramount Plus customer service for support.

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