How to Fix Path of Exile Unexpected Disconnection Error

News about Path of Exile’s upcoming release in February 2023 has surfaced. However, despite its popularity among users, many Path of Exile players continue to face unexpected disconnection errors. This free-to-play game, initially launched in 2013 for Windows users, expanded its reach with a 2017 port for Xbox One.

This expansion underscores its widespread popularity. Yet, even with regular updates, errors can occur in this nine-year-old Windows game. Here’s a guide on resolving the Path of Exile unexpected disconnection error.

What Does the Unexpected Disconnection Error Mean in PoE?

Encountering an unexpected disconnection error indicates your game’s inability to establish an internet connection. This issue may arise from problems with your internet connectivity or server disruptions within the game. Additionally, corrupted game files might necessitate a complete reinstallation for resolution. Notably, using a VPN can also trigger similar issues at times.

Fix Path of Exile An Unexpected Disconnection Occurred

Below, we’ve compiled four fixes to address the unexpected disconnection error on Path of Exile. We highly recommend reviewing each fix as one of them is likely to resolve the issue for you.

Fix 1: Check for Server Outages

Similar to most online free games, Path of Exile operates through a network of servers and data centers worldwide. If there’s a server outage, players may encounter an unexpected disconnection error. Identifying a server outage can be done through the following steps:

  • Visit a specific website during the error occurrence.
  • Check the number of reported issues by users.
  • If over 50 players have reported the issue, it’s likely a server outage. However, if few users report the error, Reddit can be a resource where players frequently discuss Path of Exile-related matters. If you observe the error solely affecting you, proceed to the next fix.

Fix 2: Disconnect VPN

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are often associated with slowing down internet connections, especially when they’re not premium. These connections to distant servers, often far from Path of Exile’s servers, can lead to unexpected disconnection errors.

If you find yourself in need, here are some tips for selecting a fast VPN service. However, gaming with a VPN is generally not advisable unless it’s a premium service. If you’re currently using a VPN, consider disabling it and launching Path of Exile. You may find that the error no longer appears. But if you aren’t using a VPN, proceed to the next fix.

Fix 3: Check Firewall Issues

Your PC might be preventing Path of Exile from connecting to the internet due to firewall settings. This issue can be more complex if you’re using third-party antivirus software, as disabling the firewall might be challenging. If using third-party antivirus, you’ll need to visit the manufacturer’s website for guidance on disabling the firewall.

However, if you’re solely relying on Windows Security firewall, here’s a step-by-step guide:

  • Click on the Start button and search for “Security.”
  • Press Enter on Windows Security and navigate to Firewall and Network Protection in the left panel.
  • Click on “Allow an app through firewall.”
  • Select “Change Settings” and locate Path of Exile from the list. Tick the checkbox next to it.
  • Finally, click on “Save.”

After making these changes, restart your PC and launch your game. You should no longer encounter the Unexpected Disconnection error. Should the error persist, proceed to the next fix.

Fix 4: Reinstall Path of Exile

If you’re repeatedly experiencing unexpected disconnection errors in your game, the issue might lie within the game itself, necessitating a reinstallation. Here are the steps to reinstall Path of Exile:

  • Click on Start and search for “Apps.”
  • In the Apps window, find Path of Exile and uninstall it.
  • Visit the official website to download the game.
  • Once downloaded, proceed with the game’s installation, log in, and commence playing.

Following these steps should resolve the unexpected disconnection error on Path of Exile. That concludes our guide on fixing this issue. We hope it has proven helpful to you.

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