How to Fix Snapchat Won’t Load Snaps or Stories

Snapchat, a widely popular social media app, stands out for its unique feature: content that’s fleeting. This characteristic defines its allure—it’s a platform for chatting, photo sharing, and more, but with a twist.

Here’s the kicker: messages, photos, and videos vanish shortly after sending or after being viewed a few times. This emphasis on impermanence fosters spontaneity, enabling instant sharing before content disappears into the digital ether.

Within the app’s vernacular, messages and photos are dubbed as “snaps,” which populate your feed upon download. However, there’s a hitch—snaps don’t always load automatically. Instead, a frustrating “Tap to load” message often sits beneath them, disrupting the seamless viewing experience.

Worse yet, sometimes even after tapping, snaps stubbornly refuse to load, presenting users with naught but a forbidding black screen. This glitch also blocks access to Snapchat stories.

If you find yourself grappling with this issue, fear not—there’s a solution. Here’s a guide on how to troubleshoot and fix the “Snapchat Won’t Load Snaps or Stories” problem.

Fix Snapchat Won’t Load Snaps or Stories 2023

The main culprit behind this issue often lies in a weak internet connection. When your internet is sluggish, Snapchat won’t load snaps automatically. Instead, it prompts you to individually tap on each picture for manual downloading.

Additionally, other potential causes might stem from corrupted cache files or settings restrictions like data saver and battery saver modes. Here are some quick remedies to tackle these issues.



Clear the Snapchat Cache

When Snapchat accumulates a lot of data and media files, errors or corrupted files can cause the app to malfunction. To fix this, clear Snapchat’s cache by following these steps:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Select Apps.
  • Find Snapchat and choose Storage.
  • Click on “Clear Cache.”

This should resolve the Snapchat error after clearing cached files.

Clean Up the App Conversation

If you’re unable to load snaps or stories, try deleting specific conversations:

  • Navigate to Snapchat’s settings under Account Operations.
  • Choose “Clear Conversation.”
  • Select the person to remove the conversation with.

Remember, this action will delete all snaps sent and received during the conversation.

Check Wi-Fi Connectivity

Weak Wi-Fi can hinder Snapchat from loading snaps or stories. Reboot your wireless router to resolve connectivity issues by pressing and holding the router’s button for ten seconds.

Change DNS Settings

Altering your phone’s DNS settings can fix Snapchat’s failure to load stories:

  • Go to Settings > Wi-Fi settings.
  • Long-press on “Modify Network” to access network options.
  • Set IP Settings to “Static.”
  • Change DNS1 and DNS2 to and (Google DNS).

Remove and Re-add Snapchat Friends

Sometimes removing and re-adding friends can solve the problem:

  • Launch Snapchat.
  • Access your profile and go to My Friends.
  • Select the profile, click the three-dot line, and choose “Remove Friend.”
  • Re-add your friends afterward.

Update Snapchat App

Update the Snapchat app via the Google Play Store to ensure you have the latest version and resolve loading issues.

Check App Permissions

Ensure Snapchat has necessary permissions by following these steps:

  • Navigate to Snapchat’s settings.
  • Click Permissions.
  • Enable any missing permissions needed for the app.

Restart Your Device

Often, restarting your device resolves Snapchat loading issues. Try restarting your phone or performing a reboot to fix loading problems.

These steps should help resolve Snapchat loading issues with snaps or stories. Feel free to share any other methods that have worked for you in the comments!

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