GTA San Andreas Cheater APK v2.3 Free Download 2023

gta san andreas cheater apK
NameGTA San Andreas Cheater APK
DeveloperNet Tech Development Ltd
Last UpdateMay 13, 2023

GTA San Andreas Cheater APK is a custom-built app that allows you to apply various cheats to the original GTA game. With this cheat plugin app, you may unlock a range of in-game features, including cars, weapons, and ammunition, as well as infinite health and money for various purchases and access to all missions without having to finish the entire game first. Also, guys, I’ll recommend you another app Designed as a movie and drama app, the loklok apk provides a versatile range of advantages to cater to the preferences of entertainment enthusiasts

It’s important to note that this cheating app only works with Android OS versions 4.0 and up. Additionally, the value-added app’s UI is super-convenient to understand and use. All you need to do is open the app, select the cheats you want to apply, hit save, and start playing instantly. You can also visit the Geometry Dash APK crossing the hurdles by jumping and running constantly.

Dissimilar to other cheat GTA game apps, GTA 5 mod apk often gets updates from its creators, each of which adds new cheat codes and other functionality. If you are searching for the most recent version of this app, download it right away from our website. And if you want to download more apps and games like this must visit

gta san andreas cheater apk latest version

What is GTA: San Andreas Cheater APK

GTA: San Andreas is one of the most popular shooting games for Android and iOS users. The game is ranked number one on the Google Play Store for a variety of reasons, including its unique gameplay, detailed graphics, android-optimized interface, and user-friendly controls. You can also visit the stumble guys mod apk that is a great multi-player battle royale game.

In the game, players have to adopt the role of a gangster who wants to rule the city. To follow your dream, you have to go around and kill all the other gangs. You can also join different missions and finish them to earn unique rewards and move forward in the game.

However, upgrading your GTA San Andreas and GTA San Andreas Cleo stats is not easy because it demands endless hours of play from players. Therefore, most gamers prefer using cheat codes not just to save time but to access in-depth gaming features without hassle.

There’s no doubt that the GTA: San Andreas Cheater app is the best in all possible aspects and functionalities. From a range of distinctive cheat features to a value-added menu and an Android-friendly UI, GTA: San Andreas Cheater is probably the best cheat app available on the market.

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Dominating Features of GTA San Andreas Cheater APK

The GTA: GTA San Andreas mod apk version app is overwhelmed with tons of cheat codes and features. Surprisingly, anyone who downloads the app can access all those properties freely. Here is the list of the most-appealing traits of the GTA: San Andreas cheater APK.

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Free Character Up-grading: With this cheat plugin, you may upgrade various aspects of your character, such as its looks, dress, and style.

Unlocked Cars and Weapons: Using this tool, you can access a variety of Lavish Cars as well as a whole new gallery of Weapons.

Unlimited Game Cash and Ammos: In GTA, Game Cash is required to make a variety of in-game transactions. So, this hack app is useful for purchasing everything that is available for sale.

gta sa cheater apk new version

Infinite Health: To make sure you play long and complete missions without being shot dead by enemies, enable the Infinite Health Cheat Code from the app.

Access to various missions and challenges: This cheat app is quite useful for unlocking difficult missions and challenges without even playing them.

Simple to Use: Despite having premium cheat features, the app has a simple-to-use navigation menu, and you can access most of the app’s functionalities from the homepage.

What’s new in GTA: San Andreas Cheater APK

As was already said, GTA SA Cheater Pro APK is not an orphan app because its creators update it from time to time. And, of course, each update improves the app’s ability to work and how long it can work.

  • Auto-Loading Cheat Added
  • No Ads & Shopping Features
  • Bugs Fixes
  • No Registration or Sign-ups
gta sa cheater apk for android 11


Reviewed By Guillermo Garcia:
In my opinion, it works really well; however, curtain missions are impossible to complete with cheats or can be removed with cheats. Also, it would be great if there were more cheats, such as traffic that never moves or the ability to make vehicles unkillable. When you choose the vehicle you wish to spawn in the Johnson house, you are able to add cheats, including invincibility and perfect handling, to it, by selecting which one you wish to spawn. The application I have reviewed is amazing, but some improvements could be made to make it even better.

Reviewed By M Yousaf:
This cheats app is amazing. It would be nice if there were more locations where cars could spawn in the game. In this case, there are two locations in the same city, so it is a little difficult to find them both. Apart from that, I think it is a great app!

How to Download & Install GTA: San Andreas Cheater APK on Android Devices

Here is a detailed guide to downloading and installing GTA: San Andreas Cheater APK on Android phones. To make sure the process doesn’t lag, you must turn on “Unknown Sources” in your phone’s security settings.

  • First of all, download the GTA: San Andreas Cheater APK File from our website (Note: After clicking the download button, wait a few seconds so the servers prepare for download)
  • After downloading the APK File, go to Phone’s Setting > Security Option > Enable Unknown Sources to permit Third-party apps access on your device.
  • Now, go to Phone’s Download Folder, locate the Downloaded APK File, and Launch it.
  • Then, complete the Installation process by agreeing with “Terms & Conditions”
  • Finally, Open the App and Enjoy.

How to use GTA: San Andreas Cheater APK

  1. Go to CJ’s house and Save the game in new Slot
  2. Now, open the Cheater plugin and select the same slot, in which you saved the game
  3. Then, select the cheats you want to use in the game
  4. Press the Save and go back to the Game’s menu and load the Save
  5. Finally, open the game and Enjoy Cheats
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Frequently Asked Questions


GTA: San Andreas Cheater is probably the top choice for any GTA gamer who wants to enjoy the game to the fullest. The app offers a wide range of cheat codes that allow you to explore in-depth GTA gameplay without spending hours or depositing efforts to clear impossible missions. Lastly, the app works equally well with a variety of Android and iOS devices.

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