How do I get my old Instagram account back?

Instagram stands out as one of the most widely used social media platforms globally, and the prospect of losing access to your account can be a daunting situation for many. While being disconnected from friends and family is a concern, the potential loss of years’ worth of photos and videos is a significant setback. Fortunately, the process of recovering an Instagram profile is generally not overly complicated.

We’ve crafted a user-friendly guide to help you navigate the process of reclaiming your account in the event of it being blocked, hacked, or deleted. The duration for account recovery can vary, taking anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, depending on your specific circumstances.

Can I get back a deleted Instagram account?

If you or someone with access to the login information has deleted your Instagram account, recovery becomes impossible. Therefore, it is crucial to exercise caution when sharing your login details with family and friends. If you receive an email indicating suspicious activity, it is essential to treat the matter seriously and promptly change your password.

Can I use the Username of an Account that has been deleted?

If you’ve ever wondered, “Can I reclaim the username of a deleted Instagram account?” you’re not alone. Many users have attempted to retrieve their usernames without success. Instagram removes accounts that are inactive from its database, making it challenging to reclaim usernames. While the exact reason for an account’s deletion is unknown, it’s plausible that inactivity plays a role.

To initiate the recovery process, the first step is to obtain the account’s Instagram URL. Instagram provides your profile URL when you sign up for the service. Following this, you can proceed with the recovery steps outlined in the guide. If you can’t locate the account’s URL, you can use the Wayback Machine, a tool that captures snapshots of websites no longer available on the internet. Simply input your Instagram username URL to access cached webpages, allowing you to upload a photo on the social profile website.

Where can I find my Instagram account from the past?

Employ these techniques to discover the previous usernames associated with the Instagram account:

  • Log in to your account’s profile page.
  • Click on the menu icon represented by three dots in the upper right corner.
  • Select “More Information” from the drop-down menu.
  • Access the list of former usernames by tapping on the respective option. Instagram will display the account’s past usernames on the subsequent screen.

How to Recover Your Permanently Removed Instagram Account?

“How to Recover Your Deleted Instagram Account: Refresh Your Instagram Feed in 7 Simple Steps!

Step 1: Visit the Instagram sign-in screen on your smartphone or click this URL in a web browser.

Step 2: Enter your username and click “Get Help Signing in.”

Step 3: You’ll be directed to a new page prompting you to click on “Trouble Signing into Your Account.”

Step 4: If the previous steps don’t resolve the issue, opt for “More Help.”

Step 5: Provide the email linked to your Instagram account.

Step 6: Specify the type of account you used – Brand, Company, or Personal.

Step 7: Choose “My Account Has Been Hacked” in the next step.

Step 8: Click the “Request Support” button after completing the previous step.

Step 9: Wait for an email from the Instagram Help Center.

Step 10: Open the email to confirm the required information about your account.

Step 11: Upon verifying your personal details, a verification code will be provided for a quick account reset.

Note: If you don’t have a linked email address to your account, enter the email address you commonly use.”

How can you reset your Instagram password without resetting my old one?

On the desktop website:

  • Navigate to Instagram’s official website using an internet browser.
  • On the login screen, below the fields for usernames and passwords, click on “Forgot your password?”
  • Enter your email, phone number, or username, and click “Send Login Link.”
  • You will receive an email with instructions on how to change your password.

Restoring an account using the phone number

“If you provided your phone number during registration (which is highly likely), and you can access the account, you can attempt to recover your page using SMS.

The process is straightforward. Simply input your username and telephone number when completing the account restoration form. Subsequently, you will receive an SMS with the necessary number to enter in the displayed window.”

How do I retrieve my Instagram account back if I forget my password or email address?

There is no single, definitive solution to this question. The most effective approach to address this issue is to initiate a password reset for your account by clicking “Forgot Password” on the login page. If you don’t have an email address associated with your account, you’ll need to sign up and create a new password.

What happens if, following these steps, you cannot restore your account?

If you are still unable to gain access after following these steps, your best course of action is to contact Instagram directly to inquire about the issue. Reach out to them through the following channels:

  1. Visit the Instagram Help Center on the internet. Here, you can report broken features, seek instructions, and report accounts that violate Instagram’s rules.
  2. If you are logged into your account, click on the option “Something is not working.” If you can’t log in, click “I can’t log in” for directions on restoring your account.
  3. Access the Privacy and Safety Center and click on “Report Something.” From there, you can report the issue with your account.
  4. Open the Instagram Facebook page at This is an effective method to send a direct message since there is no dedicated support email.

When writing your message to Instagram, consider the following to ensure a response:

  • Avoid sounding angry. A clear and concise message increases the chances of receiving a response.
  • Be specific: Explain the issue in detail and outline the steps you took to resolve it.
  • Include a screenshot of the problem to aid the support team in understanding the issue.
  • Include your username (but do not include your password).

Do not wait around for a response; take proactive steps to address the issue promptly.

How do I access the older Instagram account without a contact number or email address?

To recover your Instagram account without an email address or phone number, proceed to the “Get more help?” page. From there, you can request assistance by selecting “I cannot access this email or phone number.” This option will prompt the “Request Support” form to appear.

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