How to Convert EXE to APK on Android and PC (2023)

Transforming your EXE files into APK files empowers you to operate PC software on your Android device. With the help of various conversion software, switching file types has become remarkably straightforward, allowing you to convert files with a single click. This article serves as your guide to walk you through the process of converting EXE files to APK files, enabling you to use them on your Android phone. This comprehensive, step-by-step guide covers the entire conversion process for both Android and PC platforms.

The surge in smartphone and computer usage has led to a substantial increase in app and software development for these devices. A multitude of apps for Android and iOS smartphones are readily accessible on Google Play Store and the App Store, respectively. Meanwhile, PC users can obtain software from official websites and web stores. These applications and software have significantly enhanced the functionality of smartphones and computers, making them indispensable for a wide range of tasks. However, there remains a limitation: software developed for computers cannot function on smartphones, and apps designed for smartphones cannot operate on computers.

This restriction is imposed by the distinctive nature of their respective operating systems. Some apps are better suited for computer use, while others are optimized for smartphones. To address this challenge, we present a method that allows you to effortlessly convert an EXE extension file into an APK file. This transformation enables you to run computer software on your smartphone. The steps to achieve this and the necessary software are outlined below.

Converting EXE Files To APK 

EXE and APK represent distinct file types designed for execution on separate operating systems—Windows and Android, respectively. EXE files are tailored for Windows compatibility, while APK files are geared towards Android-based smartphones and tablets. As a result, an EXE file can be run on a Windows system but won’t function on any other operating platform. In a parallel manner, APK files are operable solely on Android devices and remain incompatible with alternative operating systems.

Suppose you possess an EXE file and aspire to utilize it on your Android device. In that case, you must first undertake a conversion process to transform it into the APK format. This article will detail the procedures for converting EXE files to APK files, offering two approaches—one employing your Windows PC and the other involving your Android device.


  • “EXE to APK Converter Tool” (Readily available in the following steps; direct download option provided).
  • The Windows software you wish to convert.
  • An Android device or a PC to execute the converted file.

Understanding EXE Files

EXE, which stands for Executable File, represents a file that contains a program capable of running independently on a computer. These files are designed for execution on the Windows operating system. If you’d like to explore more about EXE files, you can read the full article on EXE here.

Exploring APK

APK, an abbreviation for Android Package Kit, serves a similar function in the Android ecosystem. Much like EXE files on Windows, APK files enable you to install applications on your Android device. This process of manually installing apps via APKs is commonly referred to as “sideloading.”

How to Convert EXE to APK (Working)


  1. Download the “EXE to APK Converter Tool” from HERE.
  2. Have your EXE file ready for conversion.

Method for Windows PC:

Step 1: Download the “EXE to APK Converter” on your computer and ensure that the EXE file you wish to convert is readily available.

Step 2: Wait for the tool’s installation to complete, then launch it.

Step 3: A dialog box will appear; select ‘I Have a Portable Version’ and click ‘Next.’

Step 4: Navigate to your desired EXE file for conversion and open it through the dialog box.

Step 5: Once the necessary files are loaded, click ‘Convert’ to initiate the transformation of your EXE file into APK format.

Step 6: The conversion process will commence, and its duration will depend on the size of the software being converted. Exercise patience until the conversion is successfully completed.

Step 7: Once the EXE file is converted into an APK, it will be automatically saved on your computer. The dialog box will provide the location path for the converted APK file. You can then transfer this APK file to your smartphone, allowing you to run the EXE file on your Android device.

Features of Converting EXE to APK:

  • The conversion process is straightforward and presents a low risk of failure, ensuring a successful transformation of your EXE file to APK.
  • The tool used for conversion is efficient and reliable.
  • Installing the converted APK on your smartphone poses no issues.

Converting EXE to APK on Android

If you prefer to avoid using a PC for the conversion, you can perform the same task on your Android device. Here’s how:

  • Download the “EXE to APK File Converter” application on your Android device.
  • Install the app, granting permission for installation from unknown sources when prompted.
  • Launch the app, and it will automatically search your device for EXE files.
  • Select the file you wish to convert and the program architecture.
  • Upon seeing the “Ready to Compile” message, tap “Start.”
  • The conversion process will begin, and once completed, your file will be successfully converted into an APK.

With the converted APK file, you can install and use it on your Android device without any issues.

Running EXE Files on Android Without Conversion

If you want to run EXE files on your Android device without converting them, you can utilize Windows Emulator software. Follow these steps:

  • Download the Exagear APK and its OBB file on your Android device.
  • Install the Exagear APK and move the OBB file to the OBB folder within the Android directory using the File Manager.
  • Open the Exagear application and create a new container.
  • Adjust container properties (e.g., Color Depth to 32-Bit).
  • Install the EXE files within the emulator.

By following these steps, you can install and run EXE files on your Android device without prior conversion.

Running APK Files on Windows Without Conversion

To run APK files on your Windows PC without conversion, you can employ Android emulators such as Bluestacks:

  1. Download and install Bluestacks on your PC.
  2. Run the application and sign in with your Google account credentials.
  3. You can now install APK files and other Android apps on your Windows PC using this emulator.


This article has addressed the process of converting EXE files to APK files in 2023, allowing you to run them on your Android device. We’ve outlined the effective methods for converting EXE to APK on both Android and Windows PC, offering you the flexibility to choose the method that suits your preferences. It’s essential to note that not all EXE files can be converted to APK files, so this approach may not be universally applicable. However, you can still utilize an emulator to run EXE files on your mobile device. Additionally, we’ve discussed an alternative method for installing EXE files directly on your Android device without the need for conversion. Feel free to explore this option as well.

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