How to Find Your HP Laptop Battery Model Number

Knowing your precise laptop battery model number helps ensure you get a replacement that’s compatible with your HP notebook. Here are ways to locate the correct model number.


HP laptops use removable batteries specific to each model. The battery model number indicates the exact type needed for your HP notebook. It’s important to find this when purchasing a replacement battery.

HP prints the battery model number right on the cell itself in most cases. But you can also find it through software on Windows laptops.

Methods to Find HP Laptop Battery Model

Here are the steps to locate your battery model number:

Check the Battery Label

  • Turn your laptop over and remove the battery by sliding the release latches.
  • Locate the HP part number printed on the battery’s label, such as HSTNN-LB6V for newer models.
  • Search this number online to find a replacement match.

Use HP Support Assistant App

  • Install HP Support Assistant on your Windows laptop if not already present.
  • Open the app and select My Notebook from the menu.
  • Choose System Information then expand Power Information.
  • View battery model number under Main Battery Information.

Check System Information in Windows

  • Go to Control Panel > System > Hardware.
  • Select Device Manager > Batteries.
  • Right click on the battery listing and go to Properties.
  • View the model number under General information for your battery.

Use Third-Party Apps

  • Apps like HwInfo can also read battery details like manufacturer and model number.
  • Run the system scan and find battery in the list to get model information.

Tips for Finding Model Number

  • If battery is not removable, find model number through software options.
  • Match the voltage and cell count when purchasing a replacement battery.
  • For older HP laptops, locate the part number printed near the battery slot.
  • Check manufacturer date on the battery to determine if a replacement is needed.


Determining the correct replacement battery model number for an HP laptop prevents buying an incompatible battery that won’t properly fit or charge. Start by checking the physical battery label for the part number. Additionally, HP, Windows and third-party apps can pull up battery details. With the right model number, you can find the ideal replacement battery for your HP notebook.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I look up the battery by serial number instead?

A: No, the serial number is usually unique to your specific battery, while the model number identifies the replacement type needed.

Q: What if my battery doesn’t have a visible label?

A: Use the HP Support Assistant app or Windows settings to lookup battery details for integrated, non-removable batteries.

Q: How do model numbers for HP original vs. third-party batteries differ?

A: Third-party batteries use different part numbers, but are designed to be compatible substitutes for HP originals.

Q: Is the model number the same as the product number?

A: On HP batteries, the model number and product number can be used interchangeably to identify the battery type.

Q: Can I find the battery model number without having the physical laptop?

A: Unfortunately no, you need access to either the battery itself or the laptop it’s installed in to retrieve the model details.

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