How to See Who Blocked You on Facebook?

Facebook has allowed people to block other users on the application if they do not want to interact with them and do not wish to share their posts. However, for the other person, it is a very frustrating situation when they do not know whether someone has blocked you or not. 

It can be a very frustrating situation if you are blocked by someone on the application and cannot watch their posts but, sometimes people do not know whether they are blocked or not and this is why they often look for methods that will tell them how to see who blocked you on Facebook

If you want to check whether you have been blocked on Facebook by another Facebook user then, you do not need to worry as the guide will explain all the methods which will verify whether you are blocked by someone or not. 

What Is the Process to See Whether You Are Blocked on Facebook or Not?

If you suspect that someone has blocked you on Facebook and want to know how to see who blocked you on Facebook for free then, you can easily use these different methods that we are giving here. 

Method 1: Tag the Person Who You Suspect Has Blocked You 

If you think that you have been blocked by someone on the application then, you can use this method to check whether this is true or not. Look for a meme on the application and try to tag that particular person. 

Now, normally you just enter their name and tag them by clicking on their profile when it shows up. However, if you have been blocked by someone then, you will not be able to tag this person in any post which includes photos, memes, and any other thing you are adding to your timeline. 

Method 2: Use Facebook Search to Look for the Person 

Another method that can be used to check who blocked me on the Facebook app is the Facebook Search option. This method is a very simple method that you can use. You just need to log into your Facebook account and use the search box to look for the person who you think has blocked you. 

Once the search results show up, you need to choose the People section where you need to look for the same person. If you have been blocked then it will not be possible for you to find the person on the list. You might find this person in the ‘ALL’ section but if you want to check whether you are blocked then, you need to use the People section

Final Words

We hope that these two methods will allow you to check whether someone has blocked you on Facebook or not. Apart from this, you can also use a Mutual friend to check whether the other person has blocked you or not. So, using these two methods, easily check whether you are on the blocked list of someone on Facebook and ensure that this is simply not just a glitch on the application. 

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