Key Factors To Consider When Choosing A Reliable Shopify Landing Page Builder

The best Shopify page builders are tools that can help you create beautiful and fully functional pages on Shopify. These tools will give you complete control over how you want your entire web page to look. The drag-and-drop interface of these page builders make it easy for you to select and drag various elements into a blank canvas, until you perfectly create a unique page.

With so many page builders for Shopify available out there today, choosing a reliable one for your business can be daunting. But you need not worry too much about this, as the rest of this post will guide you on what to look for when selecting the right option, such as Instant.

  1. What exactly are your needs

People always have one or more reasons for shopping for different products and services. So, here’s a quick question; why exactly are you interested in choosing a reliable Shopify landing page builder?

Identifying your needs is very crucial if you want to choose a page builder that works according to your expectations. When defining your needs, ensure to identify the type of store you’re looking to build, the must-have features you want to see with the page builder, and the ease-of-use of the page building tool.

  1. Choosing from the many options available

As earlier mentioned, Shopify page builders are available in different options today and choosing a reliable one can be very challenging. Before choosing a product, you need to first factor in your needs and choose a page builder that has the best features.

Check the features of each page builder you’re looking to choose and compare them. Some must-have features you need to check for are:

  • First, you need to check and be sure the page builder offers features that are pretty easy to use.
  • Will the Shopify page builder support integration with third-party apps?
  • Does the page builder have great customer support?
  • Design flexibility and pricing are some other features you need to check.
  1. Your budget

You can’t choose a reliable page builder today without considering your budget. The best products in the market today have different pricing plans. For instance, Instant has three major plans; starter plan, team plan, and business plan. These plans carry different monthly subscription fees.

By understanding your budget and number of users, you can easily weigh the three pricing plans and choose the most cost-effective option.

  1. Free trial

Reading about a product is one thing, having the opportunity to test before buying it is another. The best Shopify landing page builder should offer you a free trial for a week or 14 days. With free access, you can always test some of the features of the page building tools and confirm it’s ideal for your business needs.

Instant is one of the best products you can consider choosing today. Apart from being affordable, this page builder for Shopify also comes with tons of perks, which will surely help you achieve a highly optimized landing page. Interestingly, Instant has a $0 free beta plan that allows you to gain access to some features. With this plan, you can easily test the available features and build a high-converting Shopify landing page without first adding your credit card details.

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