Best MEE6 Discord Bot Commands List of 2024

A new bot emerges almost daily, each designed for specific functions within a Discord server. Managing numerous Discord servers with an abundance of bots can become quite overwhelming. In such scenarios, MEE6, a versatile bot, can serve as a comprehensive replacement for other bots like Rhythm, Groovy, and more. MEE6 significantly streamlines the administration of Discord servers, executing tasks such as automated message displays, music playback, handling disruptive members, assigning specific roles, generating useful statistics, and creating polls on various topics.

Features of MEE6 Bot Commands include:

  • Utilize custom commands to efficiently manage assigned roles for various members, send automated messages, relay important notifications, and keep members informed about ongoing and upcoming events.
  • Leverage MEE6 bot’s moderation system to safeguard your Discord server against harmful advertisements, unsafe links, disruptive content, and inappropriate language. Establish automated actions such as banning, muting, or kicking troublesome members without manual intervention.
  • Engage members with challenges to guess song titles and artists, earning points in the process. The MEE6 dashboard simplifies music enjoyment by allowing direct searches for favorite tunes without the need for intricate commands.

Despite its robust capabilities, many users may not be familiar with the full range of MEE6 commands. To address this, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most useful MEE6 commands for all Discord users.

Best MEE6 Commands List for Discord 2023

1. Moderation Commands.

  • !ban @username: Employed to permanently ban an unruly member from your Discord server.
  • !tempban @username duration: Temporarily bans a member for a specified period from your Discord server.
  • !tempmute @username: Temporarily mutes a specific member on your Discord server.
  • !warn @username [reason]: Issues a warning to a user, with the option to provide a reason for the warning. Accumulated warnings may impact the user’s ranking in a leveling system.
  • !infractions @username: Reveals all past infractions of a specific member, including details such as bans, warnings, and mutes.
  • !clear-all-infractions @username: Removes all infractions of a specific member.
  • !kick @username: Initiates the removal of a particular member from your Discord server.

2 Birthday Commands.

  • !birthday @username: This command allows you to check the birthday of a specific user.
  • !remember-birthday [date]: Use this command to add your birthday. The date should be in either YYYY-MM-DD or MM-DD format.
  • !forget-birthday: Employ this command to remove your registered birthday.
  • !set-user-birthday @username: This command enables the addition of the birthday for a specific member.
  • !next-birthday: Displays the birthdays of the next 10 members on your Discord

3. Music Commands.

  • !play [URL]: Initiates immediate playback of the song from the provided URL.
  • !queue: Commences a queue for songs.
  • !add [URL]: After starting a queue, this command adds songs to the ongoing queue.
  • !vote-skip: Initiates a vote to skip the current song using this MEE6 command.
  • !start-quiz: Immediately begins a music-based quiz on your channel.

4. Message Commands.

  • !slow-mode:
    Activates slow mode with the designated time. For instance, if the time is set to 20 seconds, users must wait for 20 seconds before sending another message.
  • !clear [1-1000]: Deletes the specified number of messages from your Discord server.

5. Level Commands.

  • !give-xp @username: Adds points to the specified user.
  • !remove-xp @username: Deducts points from the specified user.
  • !rps: Initiates a game of Rock Paper Scissors to earn coins.
  • !level: Retrieves the leaderboard for your server.
  • !richest: Displays the wealthiest player on your Discord server.


Unlock the full potential of the MEE6 bot for data management on your Discord server by utilizing the various lesser-known commands listed above. If you are aware of any other valuable MEE6 commands for Discord users, share them with us in the comments section below.

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