Mobile Gaming Dominance: Two Best Picks for Hardcore Gamers

The genre of mobile gaming phones is among the most popular and if not the fastest growing forms of diversion and entertainment due to the fact that they include a number of easy to use gaming tools that provide the player with the ability to not only be entertained at any time and any place; BUT WIN!

Casual game lovers, including those who play idly Candy Crush and Among Us, to absolute fans of PUBG and Call of Duty mobile can like their favourite games via phones. However, smartphones are not the same, and depending on each model, some smartphones’ destination for gaming is more appropriate than others.

Getting the Right Tech

If you conisider yourself as a hardcore gamer, then your mobile phone should be able to run games with great graphics and fast performance and gameplay and still have battery power to last for many hours. 

In this case, you will need a smartphone, which has a large and clear screen, a quality sound system, a convenient and ergonomic design, and extra features through which your game will appear more interesting.

To get inside your head and pick the best gaming smartphone you can shop for in 2024, we are giving you some of the top devices you must not miss. 

Reaching out for information about the latest smartphone models or just knowing about the slightest deference in quality, the reviews of these phones can be all the difference between winning and losing for the hardcore gamers.

Here are two categories that are right up there with importance for mobile gamers, so let’s see what we’ve got;

Best Overall

ROG Phone 8 Pro by Asus 

This instalment from Asus completely proves to be among the most innovative gaming smartphones in today’s world.

In the usual Asus ROG style, you get a sophisticated and reliable experience and the performance of a solid device, the fastest chipset, the coolest system in one of the best in its category, and an exceptional display.

ROG Phone 8 Pro has a 6.78-inch AMOLED display that shows 144Hz refresh rate and 1080p resolution as well that will give you smooth, unforgettable gaming with rich colour.

The screen brings a response rate of 300Hz, touches one sampling and can use less input lag and raise the response. The exhibition is also equipped with an under-screen fingerprint sensor and a punch-hole for a 32MP front camera lens.

Moreover, it is embedded with three-screen rear module consisting of principal sensor of 50 mega pixel, ultra-truc wide angle sensor of 13 mega pixel and telephoto lens which is 32 mega pixel and is good for shooting pictures and videos.

The Snapdragon Factor

The ROG Phone 8 Pro is among the fastest handsets, and this is thanks to the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset which is the MOST advanced system on the processing market right now.

The chipset includes an 8-core CPU and GPU with 1536 shading units that can handle any game with ease. 

It also comes with 24GB of RAM and up to 1TB of internal storage, making sure that it provides you with a ridiculous amount of memory and room for all your games and other applications. 


In regard to the cooling system, the 8 Pro is also equipped with a top-of-the-range cooling module, containing a vapour chamber, a graphite sheet, and a fan module that will decrease heat and increase performance.


The 5,500mAh long battery life of the 8 Pro can take you through several hours of gaming. The ROG Phone 8 Pro also features wireless and reverse wireless charging, besides fast charging using a 65W adapter.

The ROG also comes with a couple of extra functionalities that can make your gaming experience better, such as:

  • AirTriggers
  • And touch-sensitive Buttons…

You’ll find these on the side of the phone that can serve as shoulder triggers during gaming. 

The Game Mode of the ROG Phone 8 Pro can also enhance:

  • Gaming Performance
  • Display
  • Sound
  • And Network Configurations. 

The ROG Phone 8 Pro comes with a smart app that will allow you to control and monitor your phone from your smartphone, as well as voice and touch control, which allows you to use voice commands or gestures to control your phone without any hands. 

Moreover, the ROG Phone 8 Pro is also compatible with various accessories, including the AeroActive Cooler, which can enhance the cooling and can have a headphone jack; TwinView Dock, which adds a second screen for multitasking; Mobile Desktop Dock, which connects the phone with the monitor, keyboard, and mouse, and the Kunai Gamepad, which itself has the physical buttons and joystick effect. 


  • Elegant and robust look
  • Super-fast and strong performance
  • Excellent cooling system
  • Nice and faultless graphic display
  • Long life and fast battery life
  • Gaming-related add-ons and decorations


  • Expensive
  • Not waterproof nor dustproof rated
  • No expandable storage

Best Budget

Poco X6 Pro

Being a budget phone, you’d expect it to be somewhat limited, but the Poco X6 Pro is considered the best among others for gaming. It meets all the criteria though it is cheap.

This phone has a 1080p resolution capable of a 120Hz refresh rate, and the LCD display is 6.67 inches to cater for the gaming requirements. The screen also has a 240Hz touch sampling frequency which reduces the input lag and increases responsiveness.

The display also features a punch-hole cutout for the 20-megapixel front camera. The X6 Pro comes with a quad rear camera setup, including a 64MP wide lens, a 13MP ultra-wide lens, a 5MP macro lens, and a 2MP depth sensor, which offers average photos and videos, but come on, it’s not top $!

It’s Still Got Snapdragon

The X6 Pro also boasts high-speed and dependable performance, which is underlined by its Snapdragon 870 processor, which is one of the best processors in the market.

It is an 8-core CPU chipset, and the GPU, with 640 shading units, is tolerant enough to most games. X6 Pro is equipped with up to 12GB of RAM and up to 256GB of internal storage, which gives you enough wiggle room when it comes to memory.


Poco X6 Pro also has a proper cooling system that includes cham vapour and graphite sheet that is able to decrease heat and improve performance. 

Also, the Poco X6 Pro battery is 4,520mAh and can last for hours of gaming. 

The Poco X6 Pro also has wireless and reverse wireless as well as fast charging that uses a 33W adapter.

In addition, it offers several other gaming features that can improve your gaming experience, including the Game Turbo, which can adjust the:

  • Performance
  • Display
  • Sound
  • And Network Settings for gaming. 

The Poco X6 Pro also has a smart app that allows you to manage and share your phone from your smartphone and a voice and touch control that allows you to control your phone hands-free with voice commands or gestures.

A number of accessories can also be used with the Poco X6 Pro, for instance, the Poco Gaming Headset that would guarantee a high-fidelity sound; the 

Poco Gaming Trigger would add some physical buttons; and the Poco Gaming Case in order to protect your phone and even integrate a kickstand.


  • Inexpensive and reasonable value
  • Quick and stable work
  • Seamless view
  • Long and swift battery life
  • Gaming add-ons and extras


  • LCD instead of OLED display
  • No waterproof or dustproof class
  • No expandable storage


With the gaming world exploding globally, knowing what gives you an edge over thousands of other players from every corner of the earth is important. It’s not a case of getting the better of your mate in the same room; you already know what kit he or she is using.  This is about keeping up with what’s going on and being available everywhere to get an edge over someone you’ll likely ever meet.  We hope this has given you an insight into the ever-tech-laden world of gaming mobiles. Choose wisely, as the market is flooded with phones with plenty of tech, specs and features. Good luck. 

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