How to Use Mouse and Keyboard in Overwatch 2 on Xbox

Gamers often find it convenient to play using a Keyboard and Mouse, but certain console games may not support these peripherals. This limitation is often seen in games for consoles like Xbox and PlayStation. For instance, players engaging in Overwatch 2 on Xbox have encountered issues using a mouse and keyboard.

If you’re keen on using a Mouse and Keyboard while playing Overwatch 2 on Xbox but facing difficulties, this article serves as a guide. It will delve into the steps on how to use Mouse and Keyboard in Overwatch 2 on Xbox.

Use Mouse And Keyboard On Overwatch 2 On Xbox

Blizzard has implemented partial keyboard and mouse support for Xbox consoles. Players have noted encountering greyed-out controls for these peripherals while playing the game on Xbox. The current situation suggests that while support for the mouse and keyboard might be added to Overwatch 2 on Xbox in the future, it’s only partially supported at present.

There exist several methods to utilize the mouse and keyboard in Overwatch 2 on Xbox, including:

Plug Mouse And Keyboard Directly In The Xbox

Connect the keyboard and mouse directly into the Xbox’s USB ports. While this setup allows functionality, the console might not fully support these peripherals. It should work to let you play Overwatch 2 on Xbox. If the mouse and keyboard don’t function just by plugging them in, try the next method in this article.

Invite Your Friend Playing On PC In The Lobby

Players have reported using a mouse and keyboard in Overwatch 2 by joining a lobby with friends playing on PC. Invite your PC-playing friend to the lobby and test if you can utilize a mouse and keyboard while playing Overwatch 2 on Xbox.

Use Third-Party Adapter

Another option involves using a third-party adapter to link your mouse and keyboard to the Xbox for Overwatch 2 gameplay. This adapter tricks the Xbox into recognizing the peripherals as a controller rather than a keyboard and mouse. Some consider this method contentious, though it won’t result in a ban. Consider it a final resort to play Overwatch 2 on Xbox using a third-party adapter.

  1. Connect a third-party USB adapter to your Xbox.
  2. Attach the keyboard and mouse to the third-party adapter.
  3. Now, play Overwatch 2 on Xbox with the mouse and keyboard.

Note: Limited game actions might be possible as the console partially supports the keyboard and mouse in Overwatch 2.

Final Words

To use the mouse and keyboard in Overwatch 2 on Xbox, follow the steps outlined in this article. These methods allow you to utilize the keyboard and mouse while playing Overwatch 2 on Xbox.

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