OSRS How to Get the Swampbark Armour

Here’s what you should know about obtaining the Swampbark armour.

The Swampbark armour is a magic armour aimed at mid-level players, requiring you to have level 50 magic and level 50 Defence to wear. Even though the set consists of 5 items (helm, body, legs, gauntlets, and boots), you will need only the helm, body, and legs to obtain the set effect.

Even though the Swampbark armour doesn’t cost much OSRS GP, this is not because it is easy to obtain but because there are armours that give much easier stats that are much easier to get. As a result, the demand for it is not too high. However, if you’re an ironman, it’ll be more challenging for you. Thankfully, the content you’ll be doing to obtain the armour can benefit mid-level ironman accounts. You will significantly benefit from engaging with the Morton temple minigame, besides the swampbark armour.

Why You Should Get the Swambark Armour


Many players enjoy the excellent visual design of the Swampbark armour as it is one of the few sets with a nice brown-light-green combination of colours and one of the most visually pleasing designs for the shoes. If you want an outfit that looks good without caring about the stats, the Swampbark armour is a fantastic choice.

Niche Content

Should you plan on killing specific monsters that hit with melee and are vulnerable to magic, or you just want to train your magic through combat, the Swampbark armour can be a great choice because besides providing decent, but not the best, magic offensive stats, it also provides good melee defensive stats similar to those of the Mithril platebody.


The Swampbark armour is designed to be very useful in PvP. Because the other content you can use it for is limited and has very low demand on the Grand Exchange, with the full set costing around 200k OSRS GP. And because of its passive ability that will maximize the duration of your rooting spells, the Swampbark armour represents a great pick for PvPers.

Other Loot

By killing the wilderness boss that drops it and by unlocking the chests in the Shade Catacombs, you will be able to obtain loads of additional loot, which is excellent, especially for ironman, but a good source of income regardless, so you never have to worry about the OSRS gold price. The chests inside the catacombs also represent the only place to obtain the Zealot’s set, the amulet of the damned, dragonstone, and one of the few places to get magic logs without high-level woodcutting or high-level combat involved.

How to Get the Swampbark Armour

Runescroll of Swampbark

Assuming that you already have all the components of the Splitbark set, 1450 nature runes, and level 48 runecrafting, you will still need to have read the Runescroll of Swampbark before you can head to the nature altar and imbue the Splitbark armour into a fabulous Swampbark armour.

To obtain the scroll, you must engage in the Shades of Morton minigame in World 377 and open chests inside the Shade Catacomb until you drop it. You can only get the scroll by opening steel, black, silver, or gold chests, so opening bronze chests won’t give you any chance of obtaining the scroll. Alternatively, if you’re on a regular account, you can buy the scroll for a couple of thousand coins at the GE. To unlock chests inside the shade catacombs, you will need keys you can obtain by cremating shade remains.

Cremating Shade Remains

To cremate shade remains, you will need shade remains which you can obtain by killing various tiers of shades, a tinderbox, and pyre logs, which you can obtain by combining sacred oil and logs. To get the sacred oil, you’ll need to participate in the shades of Morton minigame and contribute towards building the temple before you can sanctify olive oil in the fire in the middle of the temple.

Splitbark Armour

You can obtain the necessary items to craft the armour by opening chests inside the Shade catacombs, where you can receive fine cloth. Then, once you get 11 pieces, craft it with 62 crafting, or you can obtain it as a drop in deep wilderness from the Chaos fanatic. And even if you’re not interested in the Swampbark armour, as an ironman, you might still want to do it to prepare for some elite and master emote clue scroll steps that require you to have pieces of the Splitbark armour.

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