Picking the Ideal Printer for Your Business: A Detailed Look

In today’s business environment, the importance of a reliable printer can’t be underestimated. With printers now playing multiple roles – from printing to scanning and even document management – the choice is crucial. This piece aims to simplify this choice by closely examining three distinct printer models: the Canon 2226B003, the Roland FJ-40, and the Lenovo 3110.

Deciphering Printer Varieties and Their Tech

Before we delve into the specifics of these models, we must first get a grasp on the varied printer types out there. Broadly, they can be divided into inkjets and lasers. While inkjets shine when it comes to vibrant color prints and photographs, lasers are the go-to for quick, sharp, and black and white text. Furthermore, printers within these categories can differ in aspects like speed, purpose, and ways to connect.

Canon’s Gem: A Blend of Speed and Trustworthiness

At the heart of the laser category lies the Canon 2226B003. Crafted for those who need a plethora of prints quickly, this model is a monochrome marvel. It’s perfect for businesses that prioritize speed without the necessity of colors.


  • Rapid print capabilities
  • Crystal-clear text output
  • Built to withstand rigorous use


  • Only monochrome outputs
  • Slightly pricier initial investment than its inkjet counterparts

To grasp the full potential of the Canon 2226B003, the Canon manual offers a detailed walkthrough of its features, care, and potential issues.

Roland FJ-40: The Creative Industry’s Best Friend

Transitioning to the colorful world of inkjets, the Roland FJ-40 stands out. Tailored for businesses immersed in creativity – think ad agencies or graphic design studios – this model excels in delivering top-notch color prints.


  • Brilliant color reproduction
  • Adaptable media compatibility for diverse projects
  • Prints with impressive detail and resolution


  • Not the quickest when it comes to printing
  • Maintenance can be a tad more frequent

To harness the full capabilities of this printer, the Roland manual provides a treasure trove of insights and guidance.

Lenovo 3110: Pocket-Friendly and Space-Savvy

Wrapping up our trio is the Lenovo 3110, a laser printer tailored for startups or home-based ventures. Its sleek design coupled with its cost-effectiveness makes it an attractive proposition for those on a budget or with space constraints.


  • Sleek design that saves space
  • Economically viable for modest printing needs
  • Hassle-free setup and operation


  • Might not be apt for heavy-duty printing tasks
  • Fewer features compared to its more extensive counterparts

To delve deeper into the nuances of this printer, the Lenovo manual is a handy resource.

Navigating Through Printer Attributes and Capabilities

When on the hunt for a printer, you must consider aspects like print velocity, clarity, how it connects, and its paper management skills. For example, businesses needing to churn out detailed dossiers could benefit from a high-res printer with two-sided printing.

Velocity and Volume in Printing

Measured in pages per minute (PPM), print speed is pivotal for businesses with a high print load. The Canon 2226B003 shines here, while the Roland FJ-40 sacrifices speed for unmatched quality, making it less ideal for bulk, urgent prints.

Linking and Merging with Devices

Modern printers come equipped with a host of connectivity options – USB, Ethernet, and even Wi-Fi. Some, like the Lenovo 3110, even cater to mobile print tasks, a significant boon for businesses on the move.

Handling Paper and Other Media

The media a printer can accommodate is another vital consideration. The Roland FJ-40’s prowess in this department, printing on varied media types, gives it an edge, especially for tasks that transcend traditional paper printing.

Concluding Thoughts

In the end, the best printer for your enterprise hinges on your unique requirements. For monochrome, bulk prints, the Canon 2226B003 is hard to beat. The Roland FJ-40 is the darling of the creative world, while the Lenovo 3110 appeals to startups and home offices. Business heads must balance these elements against their operational needs and budget. With a clear understanding of each printer’s pros and cons and the manuals for deeper insights, businesses can make a choice that bolsters their efficiency and productivity.

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