Ping Pong Shows in Thailand

Experience the Ping Pong Show in Bangkok, known as one of the city’s most alluring yet controversial attractions. While it may be considered distasteful, it holds a simultaneous allure that captures curiosity.

This particular attraction tends to draw more couples or groups of friends than conventional tourists, offering an experience where female performers showcase their skills, including sitting cross-legged for a few minutes after their act.

Ping pong shows are a tradition in Bangkok, and we previously shared our first encounter with them in an article published in December 2011.

During a recent trip with friends, they expressed a desire to witness a Ping Pong Show in Bangkok. Familiar with the dynamics of these shows, we agreed to act as guides and negotiators. This time, there were no attempts to employ old tricks on us, and the experience worked to our advantage. We will share the steps we took to ensure you won’t fall victim to scams in 2019 and beyond.

What Can You Expect to See?

    Because they are a type of sex-show it is possible to see a visual display when you visit, with the girls showing their sexy as a warm-up.

    The majority of shows have a couple of female performers The variety of acts will vary based on the location.

    What Can You Expect to Pay?

    I’ll be sharing some of my top recommendations for ping-pong shows soon, but the crucial aspect to bear in mind about these shows is to avoid falling for scams. Typically, there is an entry fee to the venue, averaging around 500 Baht.

    In addition to the entry fee, you can anticipate additional charges in most Bangkok establishments, often including the requirement to purchase at least one drink. These drinks may be slightly pricier compared to other bars in Thailand. During my recent visit to Bangkok, I paid 500 Baht for entry and drinks. It’s customary to tip staff and waitresses in these venues as well.

    Top Tips for Visiting a Thai Ping Pong Show

    Numerous incidents of tourist robberies have been reported during ping pong events in Thailand and various other countries, emphasizing the need to stay vigilant about your surroundings.

    Fortunately, my visit to one in Bangkok was a positive experience. Still, it’s advisable to heed these tips for your safety:

    Where Should You Go To Watch a Ping-Pong Show in Bangkok?

    Ping-pong events in Bangkok are just as entertaining as they appear, often held on the upper levels of clubs and bars. While prostitution in Bangkok is not entirely illegal, it’s essential to note that these shows are not venues for such activities. Nevertheless, it’s not uncommon for women to guide men to rooms upstairs or nearby hotels, reminiscent of red-light districts found in places like Amsterdam.

    Nana Plaza, Sukhumvit Road

    Nestled within the Nana district in Bangkok, the world’s largest adult playground is often an introduction to the vibrant nightlife scene of the city.

    Khao San Road, Central Bangkok

    Once an old rice market, Khaosan Road has transformed into an urban nightlife hub, renowned for its numerous nightclubs found at every corner.

    Patpong Night Market, Silom

    Patpong Night Market is renowned for its vibrant and inviting atmosphere, offering a mix of spicy and sweet experiences for customers, along with a variety of strippers.

    What exactly is the exit scam?

    Essentially, you agreed to the advertised admission cost of 100 baht “for ping pong show” and the requirement to purchase a minimum of one drink priced at $100 or more, totaling 200 baht per person. Additionally, a tip is expected for each performing showgirl.

    Once seated, the show begins, and you may feel pressured to tip, as it is not included in the initially mentioned costs. As you watch a few performances and grasp the general idea, you decide to pay and leave. Here comes the fraudulent part. They claim you owe more than the agreed-upon 200 baht, often citing a sum of 3,000 baht or more. They might resort to verbal aggression, insisting you attended multiple shows and need to pay for all of them. The intimidation tactics are meant to coerce payment, and even if you attempt to argue, they may settle for a reduced amount, still likely exceeding the initially agreed-upon price.

    In 2011, during our initial visit, we faced similar situations and chose to stick to the originally quoted amount. We handed them 200 baht per person and walked away despite their protests. Notably, the operation was managed by women without the presence of imposing bouncers.

    While it’s uncertain whether the threat is exaggerated, it’s crucial to consider your safety. Keep in mind that these scams have been ongoing for years, and those perpetrating them are well-aware of the fraudulent nature. They understand that some individuals will pay while others won’t, and intimidation remains an effective tactic to increase compliance.

    Don’t go out on your own The larger your group is, the more enjoyable.

    Prior to entering a venue, ensure that you establish a clear agreement on the price with the hostess. Exercise caution when dealing with ticket salesmen on the streets to avoid potential fraud.

    When purchasing tickets from a tout, clarify the benefits included with your ticket. Exercise caution while reviewing your account and making purchases, as tourists are sometimes charged exorbitant amounts. Consider paying for drinks in advance instead of opening a tab.

    Avoid carrying valuable items and keep your phone and money close at hand. Refrain from leaving your purse exposed when using the restroom or going to the bar.

    Ping Pong Shows in Bangkok

    Bangkok is an ideal destination to witness the ping-pong spectacle, but be prepared to spend a bit more. Determine the most suitable time to visit Bangkok.

    One of the venues where I enjoyed my first performance, and I assure you won’t be disappointed, is Soi Cowboy on Sukhumvit Road. While entrance is free, the drinks tend to be pricier to compensate. The entertainment usually kicks off with an impromptu pole dance and lap show before transitioning to the main event.

    Another noteworthy location is Patpong Night Market in Silom, offering a variety of shows. It’s a lively place to explore at night, but be cautious of security personnel and doormen attempting to overcharge you for entry fees or drinks.

    For those in the backpacking scene, Khaosan Road is a prime area in Bangkok with several nightclubs featuring ping-pong shows. Typically, there’s no entrance fee, but be prepared for higher drink prices.

    How do I enter the appropriate clubs? What is the fee for entry?

    The individual who approached us represented the “Showgirls” club, located at the east end of Patpong on the south side of the street. It’s crucial to clarify that this establishment should not be associated with the movie “Showgirls.” If you’re envisioning Demi Moore-like young ladies gracefully swaying on poles, you’ll be sorely disappointed. Unfortunately, these women are not models, physically fit, or young, highlighting the challenges that may have led them to this profession.

    Upon entering, negotiations are required with the ticket sellers for the entry fee and then with a “madame” inside the club. Back in 2011, we managed to secure entry for just 100 Baht, with the mandatory purchase of a drink (100 Baht). The prices remained the same during our visit in March 2014, totaling 200 baht for entry ($6.50 USD) per person.

    Unlike our experience in 2011, where we faced unexpected charges upon attempting to settle the bill and leave, this time they requested payment upfront, creating a more amicable atmosphere. However, it’s essential to note that some readers have reported ongoing scams. Therefore, understanding the tactics employed by scammers, detailed in the following paragraph, is crucial for preparation.

    Ping Pong Show Phuket

    If you’re planning a visit to Phuket, there are numerous other bars where you can enjoy entertainment. The primary party hub in Phuket is Bangla Road, situated near Patong Beach, one of the most popular beach areas on the island. However, it’s important to note that this area is known for the presence of Phuket ladies, Thai prostitutes, and issues related to drugs.

    As you stroll along Bangla Road, you’ll quickly come across establishments featuring ping pong shows. Expect to pay a premium for drinks, as is common for tourists. The Wake Up Club Phuket is one of the well-known venues, offering a regular show with an entry cost of 800 Baht.

    For accommodation options in Phuket, consider checking out hostels known for their lively party atmosphere—they’re my preferred choice. If you’re interested in beach resorts, you can refer to my article highlighting the top beaches in Phuket for recommendations.

    Ping Pong Shows In Pattaya

    Pattaya is widely recognized for its sex tourism industry, particularly in the form of Thai strippers. While Walking Street is the most popular nightlife spot in Pattaya, Pattaya Soi 6 also captures interest.

    Upon entering Walking Street, you’ll quickly encounter invitations to ping pong events. This vibrant street, filled with go-go bars and sex shows, offers numerous opportunities to watch a ping pong show.

    Experiencing a Ping Pong show is undoubtedly a unique and exciting aspect of being in Thailand. However, I recommend conducting thorough research on the shows before attending to make an informed decision.

    Follow my top suggestions to ensure you avoid being robbed or scammed at these shows, and exercise caution regarding alcohol consumption. If you decide to visit any of these venues, I assure you that the performances in these shows will leave you amazed and awed!

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