What does “place:type=6&sort=14&maxresults=10/” mean in Firefox, and why does it consistently appear in your search results? If you’re encountering this issue and seeking an explanation, you’ve landed in the right place. Learn about the significance of “place:type=6&sort=14&maxresults=10/” in your browser and how to address it.

Have you ever noticed the appearance of “t” in the search bar, suggesting the option for typing 6? If so, there’s some positive news. This is a standard feature of Google’s algorithm, designed to provide more relevant search results by considering your bookmarks or browsing history on Google.

However, the drawback is that there is no direct method to prevent these suggestions from appearing at the top of the browser, unless you use incognito mode, which limits the local information related to your browsing patterns. We aim to provide assistance in dealing with this matter through this article.

Mozilla Firefox, commonly referred to as Firefox, is a popular free and open-source web browser known for its emphasis on security and private internet browsing. It boasts twice the efficiency of regular browsers, ensuring swift search results.

The Google algorithm employed by the search engine displays pertinent results based on your past activities or bookmarks. Therefore, when you initiate a search with a term starting with “t” on Google, the search bar may display the “place:type=6&sort=14&maxresults=10/” tag.

Firefox shows strange options for searching.

During my initial experience with Firefox earlier today, I observed some peculiar search options. It appeared that every time I attempted to input a search query, a new tab would open, presenting different results from the searches I intended.

But that’s not the only issue! Numerous Firefox users have expressed dissatisfaction with the ad-hoc search results displayed within the browser. When conducting a search, the results appear in a separate tab, and the Firefox browser showcases these results in a completely unrelated tab, deviating from the initial query. This has become one of the most frustrating challenges faced by Firefox users.

Lately, bookmarks have proven futile for me as the bookmarks I create, through drag and drop onto the icon on the URL bar, end up in the wrong position within my bookmark tree. This drastic change can be attributed to the former group’s slow processing and the mass deletion of numerous bookmarks.

Regarding “place:type=6&sort=14&maxresults=10/,” I have verified that the latest client from version 20 is incompatible with the old bookmark JSON file. Reverting to earlier web browsers (such as 3.6) results in the browsers failing to retrieve the most recent customer reviews. The lack of sufficient search history data is a primary factor slowing down the customization performance of the browser.

Enabling the function provides valuable information about the Firefox browser’s status, including the duration of inactivity, overall usage time, and how long the browser has been open, among other details. In terms of performance, Firefox maintains confidentiality and is widely known as Mozilla Firefox, a free and open-source web browser preferred by many users.

If you’re pondering why these issues are occurring and seeking insights into your browser’s behavior, we have the answer. The root cause behind the new tab display with irrelevant details for search results in Firefox lies in the pre-installed extensions for the browser.

Can I Remove Place:type=6&Sort=14&Maxresults=10/

There is no way to remove or delete this search result from your bar. Regardless of your actions, this search will continue to appear in your bookmark query and your history. Importantly, it does not impact the browser or the results in any way. Hence, there’s no need to be concerned about it—simply let it remain as is.


Each time I input “t” in the search bar, it displays “place:type=6&sort=14&maxresults=10/,” and a similar occurrence happens when I type “f.” The cause of this issue is unclear, and I’m unsure how to address it at the moment; nevertheless, I’ll proceed with typing for now.

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