How to Play NCAA 14 on PS4

NCAA 14 stands as a perfect choice for college football enthusiasts and video game aficionados. Since its launch in 2013, the game has been exclusively compatible with the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles. But can you enjoy NCAA 14 on your PS4 seamlessly? In this article, we’ll guide you through the steps to play NCAA 14 on your PS4.

What is NCAA 14 on PS4?

The video game NCAA 14 made its debut in 2013, exclusively for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Regrettably, it marked the final installment of the NCAA Football series, primarily due to legal disputes surrounding the uncompensated use of college athlete likenesses.

Nonetheless, PlayStation 4 (PS4) owners can still savor the NCAA 14 experience on their consoles through PlayStation Now, despite the game not having an official release for the platform. Thanks to PlayStation Now, college football aficionados can stream the game to their PS4 and relish it on their contemporary gaming systems.

How to Play NCAA 14 on PS4

As of now, the PS4 does not offer support for NCAA Football, marking the last entry in this beloved college football gaming series. The series reached its conclusion due to licensing disputes stemming from the use of college football players’ likenesses, leaving Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 as the last consoles that could run NCAA Football.

Over time, NCAA 14 Football has evolved into one of the most sought-after out-of-print games worldwide. Its availability in the aftermarket and through third-party sellers on platforms like eBay and Amazon has driven prices significantly higher. Some copies of the game can command prices as high as $150, largely due to gamers’ dedicated efforts in updating in-game rosters and implementing modifications.

Within the NCAA community, enthusiasts have united to improve the gaming experience by updating rosters, enhancing menus, and introducing various quality-of-life features. The most recent major update was executed in January 2020, featuring redesigned menus, updated fields, and an array of additional uniforms and patches.

Unfortunately, neither the PS4 nor the PlayStation 5 supports NCAA Football. To enjoy this regularly updated game, a PlayStation 3 and a physical copy of NCAA Football are indispensable. For those with a PS3, acquiring the game digitally may be feasible, though this process is notably more intricate than other online purchases. Due to the outdated nature of the PS3 store and a lack of updates, purchases through PayPal or credit cards are not supported.

Some Frequently Asked Questions— FAQs

Is It Possible to Play PS3 Games on PS4 Via Jailbreak?

Attempting to play PS3 games on a jailbroken PS4 is not feasible. Even with the jailbreaking process, which provides access to specialized settings, the PS4 remains incompatible with PS3 discs.

Efforts to run emulators on your PS4 will also prove unsuccessful. Even if you manage to install an emulated game, the system’s inherent limitations are likely to prevent you from playing it.

It’s worth noting that NCAA is no longer in development for future consoles, and there won’t be any forthcoming entries in the series. Therefore, modifying your console solely to play NCAA games is not recommended, unless you have intentions to use it for other gaming purposes.

Moreover, tampering with or modifying your PS4 can lead to internal damage or software corruption, rendering the system unusable. This is a task that should only be undertaken by individuals with the requisite expertise.

Are Ncaa 14 Servers Working?

As of 2023, NCAA 14 servers are no longer available, as they were discontinued in 2018. Multiplayer gaming, online recruiting, and team sharing within the game have become unattainable. Nevertheless, the game still permits offline single-player experiences, including Dynasty, Road to Glory, and Ultimate Team modes.

For those who own Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles, playing NCAA 14 remains possible despite the server shutdown. Additionally, PlayStation 4 users can access the game via the PlayStation Now service, as previously mentioned.

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