Raistar Free Fire ID, Name, Age, and More information

Raistar is an 18 years old Indian resident who resides in the Indian state, Kerala. His family has a moderate income and he is from a middle-class family. Furthermore, his real name is Akshay, and he is a skilled gamer, Streamer, and has a YouTube channel.

Moreover, like other famous YouTubers, Raistar has also attained a lot of fame on YouTube by uploading quality content/videos about the Free Fire game. With just a few videos on his channel, he has more than 6.31 million subscribers and has surprisingly gotten 3.8 Billion total views on his YouTube channel.

RaiStar free fire

Raistar Complete Biography

Real NameAkshay
Date of Birth2003 (Not Confirm Full Date Of Bith)
Place of BithKerala (INDIA)
Free Fire Mobile DeviceiPhone 13 Pro Max
Free Fire Mobile ID Name꧁ ᏒคᎥຮᴛαʀ࿐
Free Fire ID Number12022250
Free Fire Mobile Clan NameArrow (Team 1)
Height5 Ft
ControlsNot Confirm

The secrecy around his personality makes others interested in learning more about him. As well, he has several social media accounts where he doesn’t have his original profile picture, so he wants to make sure his privacy is protected by keeping it hidden.

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Many people have different feelings about his character since he is from Kerala many people believe he cannot speak Hindi but luckily he can speak accurate Hindi.

Raistar Face Reveal

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Free Fire Games are getting popular day by day in India due to PUBG being banned. Therefore many gamers are playing Free Fire games, among them, Raistar has become extremely famous because of his streaming videos about the game. Meanwhile, Akshay(famously known as Raistar) being one of the most famous gamers on YouTube has not disclosed his face yet. Many people are trying to find his real face but fail. 

raistar real name
Raistar Logo
raistar id
Raistar Real Face

However, there are some sites where the leaked images of the Raistar can be found. Interestingly, Raistar, himself, has not committed that these are his genuine photos. Overall, his face is still unseen for all the viewers even on his streaming videos. In addition to this, Raistar Logo contains the picture of a grey-haired man with a kerchief on his face.

Raistar Free Fire Information

As we know, his original name is Akshay but he is known by Raistar in the Free fire game. He is an extremely professional gamer with over 6 Million+ Subscribers on his youtube channel. 

Furthermore, GYANGAMINGGG was his guild’s name in which he was a member. There he played 14656 gameplay with 49383 kills in 2593 won matches out of a total of 14659 matches played

He has played both solo and grouped matches with lots of kills and wins. In his 3513 solo matches, he has killed 10714 players which is a big achievement. These performances have made it a big name in the Garena Free Fire game as well as many other players are trying to follow his strategies.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is Raistar?

Raistar is the fastest Indian Free fire gamer with YouTube Channel where he uploads videos about the game.

The real name of Raistar?

Akshay is Raistar’s real name.

Free Fire player Raistar Age?

His age is 19 years but complete Date of Birth is unavailable.

Raistar Free Fire Game Name?

꧁ ᏒคᎥຮᴛαʀ࿐ is the name of his game name.

Raistar Free Fire id?

Free Fire Identification number(UID) is 12022250.

Raistar Gaming NetWorth in 2022

Being one of the most well-known Streamers on YouTube he earns a good amount of money. His estimated earnings from gaming per month are $2.8K to $44k, and $33k to $528 per annum. 

raistar free fire uid

However, his income from Streaming on YouTube is around $90 to $1k because he gets almost a million-plus views on the single video he uploads. 

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