Tekken 3 APK Download 35 MB (All Players) For Android 2023

The Tekken 3 APK is the perfect solution for those looking to relive the glory days of arcade gaming. And now, Android users can download Tekken 3 APK for 35 MB. When Tekken 3 was released for arcade machines in 1997, it quickly became one of the most popular fighting games of all time. Its simple controls, wide range of characters, and fast-paced gameplay made it popular with both casual and hardcore gamers.

Game Info

Tekken 3 APK Download 35 MB
NameTekken 3
DeveloperBANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.
Last UpdateMay 13, 2023

Now, with the release of the Tekken 3 APK, players can enjoy the game on their Android devices. Whether you’re a fan of the original game or a newcomer looking for an exciting fighting game experience, Tekken 3 APK is sure to deliver hours of fun and entertainment.

What is Tekken 3 APK

Tekken 3 APK is the mobile version of the classic fighting game, Tekken 3. First released in 1997, Tekken 3 quickly became a fan favorite for its fast-paced gameplay and an impressive roster of characters. Now available as an APK for Android devices, Tekken 3 APK brings the same thrilling experience to mobile gaming. Players can choose from a variety of characters, each with their own unique fighting style and moves, and battle their way through various stages and opponents. With the option to play solo or against other players online, Tekken 3 APK is a must-play for fighting game enthusiasts.


Exploring Tekken 3 APK 35 MB Android Version

Tekken 3 is a classic fighting game that plays like the arcade games of the past. When a player starts the game, they are given a list of game modes to choose from right away. This lets them customize their experience. For those new to the game, the practice mode provides an opportunity to hone their skills before taking on opponents in the arcade mode. Before each round, players are given the option to adjust settings to their preference, such as selecting their hero and choosing to play in free play mode.

Once the combat begins, players must use a combination of kicks, punches, and special moves to defeat their opponent. However, the stakes are high, as opponents may also wield deadly weapons. A life bar at the top of the screen displays the player’s and opponent’s health, gradually depleting as blows are landed. Once a player’s health bar turns completely red, they are declared the winner of that round, with a “Perfect” message appearing on the screen for particularly impressive performances.

tekken 3 apk

To relive the excitement of the fight, players can even watch a replay of the battle to further analyze their performance. Fighting game fans can play Tekken 3 for hours and hours because there are so many levels to finish.

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Dominating Features of Tekken 3 APK Latest Version

Tekken 3 boasts stunning features that set a new standard for fighting games upon its release. Here are the core features of this game:

Amazing Graphics

One of the most impressive features of Tekken 3 is its graphics. The game’s visuals are smooth and detailed, offering players a high-quality visual experience. The character models are highly detailed, and each character has a unique appearance and moveset. Also, the game’s backgrounds are impressive. Each stage has intricate details that add to the atmosphere of the game as a whole.

Tekken 3 Apk Download 35 MB New Android

The game’s graphics are also highly immersive, making players feel like they’re truly in the world of Tekken. The combination of high-quality visuals and smooth gameplay makes Tekken 3 a visually impressive game that’s sure to satisfy even the most discerning gamers.

Easy Control

Another key feature of Tekken 3 is its easy-to-use control scheme. The game’s controls are easy to use and respond quickly, making it easy to do moves and combos. Unlike other fighting games that require complex button combinations to pull off moves, Tekken 3’s controls are streamlined and straightforward. This makes the game accessible to players of all skill levels, from newcomers to fighting game veterans. The game’s controls are one of its most notable features, making it a must-play for anyone looking for an engaging, easy-to-learn fighting game.

Various Heroes

Tekken 3 APK features over 20 heroes, each with their own unique fighting style and move set. This diverse roster of characters offers players a wide range of options to choose from, ensuring that they can find a hero that suits their playstyle. Each hero in Tekken 3 has their own story and motivations, adding an extra layer of depth to the game.


The game’s heroes are also very immersive because each one has its own personality and set of animations. From fan favorites like Jin and Hwoarang to lesser-known characters like Xiaoyu and Gon, Tekken 3’s heroes offer a range of options for players to experiment with.

Lightweight Tekken 3 APK Download 35 MB

Tekken 3 is incredibly lightweight, coming in at just 35 MB. Despite its small size, the game doesn’t sacrifice any of its impressive graphics or features. This makes it easy to download and play on a variety of devices, even those with limited storage space. The game’s small size also means it runs smoothly on older or less powerful devices, making it accessible to a wider range of players. Overall, Tekken 3’s lightweight design makes it a great choice for anyone looking for a fun and engaging fighting game experience that doesn’t take up too much space.

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Tekken 3 Mod Apk All Characters

How to Download and Install Tekken 3 APK 35 MB

Tekken 3 APK requires up to 35 MB of space on your phone and works on Android devices running version 5.0 or higher. Make sure you meet both of these requirements before downloading the app on your smartphone.

  • To get the most recent version of the game, click on the Download Button
  • The process will take a few minutes, so be patience during this time
  • Go to your phone’s settings after downloading the APK
  • Go to the Security Option and enable Unknown Sources to allow third-party apps access to your device.
how to download and install apk file thenoobgamerz.com
  • Now, go to the download folder and track the APK package
  • Extract the APK file and begin the installation process.
  • Then, complete your installation by agreeing with Terms & Conditions on Final Phase
  • Finally, open the game, enable the File and Enjoy

Frequently Asked Questions


The Tekken 3 APK is a portable version of the game that retains all the features of the original game. It has an amazing graphic design that gives players a realistic and immersive experience. The characters in the game have unique fighting styles that are a blend of street fighting and ancient oriental martial arts. There are over 20 characters to choose from, each with its own backstory that is revealed through the intro and ending cinematic sequences.

One of the most impressive features of the Tekken 3 APK is its easy-to-use control system. The game’s control system is simple and intuitive, making it easy for players to master the moves of each character. Additionally, each character has an extensive list of moves that include throws, punches, jabs, and kicks, both aerial and on the ground. To help players learn to control the game, each fighter’s move list can be accessed via a pause menu at any time. Happy Fighting!

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