The Best Furniture to Enhance Your Ship in Skull and Bones

In the open-world pirate game Skull and Bones, furniture plays a vital role in upgrading your ship and turning it into a formidable vessel. Different types of furniture provide various benefits like increased damage, speed, armor, and more. So it’s important to choose the right furniture to complement your preferred playstyle and ship build. In this blog, we’ll review some of the best furniture items in Skull and Bones that every captain should consider to give themselves an edge.

Best Major Furniture

Major furniture items provide significant boosts and are essential parts of any optimized ship build in Skull and Bones. Here are some of the best major furniture in Skull and Bones:

Rope Locker

The Rope Locker increases acceleration dramatically when trimming sails at full stamina, acting like a perfect booster for ramming attacks or escaping from pursuers. Its impressive speed buff makes it a must-have for maneuverability-focused playstyles.


This item lowers the reload time of mounted weapons as long as consecutive hits are landed. Coupled with a well-aimed broadside, the Megaphone empowers ships to quickly shred enemies with superior DPS. A staple for cannons-heavy combat builds.

Scrapper Station

After pulling off a crew attack, this restores a massive amount of hull health instantly. While not essential for all ship types, the Scrapper Station allows ramming specialists and brawling captains to stay in the thick of action for longer without retreating.

Best Minor Furniture

Minor furniture complements major items and offers additional upgrade paths. The following minor variants are worth looking into:

Weapon-Specific Works

Depending on your favored armaments, Works furniture that boost corresponding weapon types (like Bombard Works or Long Gun Works) deliver efficient damage increases through specialization. 

Lightened Mast

Extra agility means avoiding more cannonballs and closing the distance to drop anchor alongside quarries. This furniture enhances a ship’s maneuverability through acceleration and rotation improvements.

Leather Rope Grips

By reducing stamina depletion when trimming sails, captains can sustain peak speeds for longer chases or escapes. The Leather Rope Grips augment maneuverability like the Lightened Mast with quality-of-life benefits.

A balanced selection of major and minor furniture tailored to the playstyle will optimize any vessel in Skull and Bones. Items that boost firepower, defense, or mobility are most impactful. Do experiment with different combinations to unleash your ship’s full potential. And to get the best furniture selections for yourself, check out AOEAH, a top marketplace for affordable Skull and Bones items. Happy plundering, captain!

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