Top 7 Places to Visit Near Mumbai

Mumbai, known for its nonstop energy and culture scene, can often become overwhelming for residents. To escape its busyness and relax in nature’s embrace, here are seven beautiful spots near Mumbai where visitors can unwind.

1. Murud-Janjira 

Located 165 km away from Mumbai

Murud-Janjira, an ancient fortress rising majestically from the sea and unmolested by centuries of invasions, draws over 200,000 history lovers and curious travelers each year. A boat ride to its fortress, set amid beautiful waters, adds even further allure. Explore its history while relaxing on its beaches or tasting delicious seafood dishes available there!

2. Matheran

Location: 44 km away from Mumbai

Matheran, India’s smallest hill station, is a breath of fresh air. According to recent estimates, over half a million tourists visit each year. Traveling on the toy train journey alone is an unforgettable experience; once in Matheran itself, you’ll discover lush forests, scenic viewpoints, serene ambiance, trekking opportunities and horseback riding as activities of choice for exploring its splendorous beauty.

3. Kamshet

Location: 45 km away from Mumbai

Kamshet is an adventure lover’s haven. According to statistics, Kamshet draws over 100,000 adventure enthusiasts annually. Paragliding is the stand-out activity here, allowing thrill-seekers to glide high above the picturesque Western Ghats landscape while experiencing adrenaline and peace combined into one perfect location for adrenaline junkies.

4. Alibaug

Location: 95 km from Mumbai

Alibaug, often dubbed as ‘Mini Goa,’ is a coastal town that has experienced tremendous growth over the last several years. According to recent surveys, Alibaug is visited by approximately 400,000 tourists annually due to its sandy shores, water sports facilities and historic Kolaba Fort as primary attractions. Spend your days lounging around on its beautiful beaches before discovering vibrant local culture in the evening.

5. Karjat.

This destination is approximately 62km away from Mumbai.

Karjat, in the Western Ghats, offers an ideal retreat for nature enthusiasts. Drawing around 300,000 visitors yearly, visitors can explore lush greenery, picturesque waterfalls and numerous trekking trails, making Karjat an idyllic choice for relaxation or discovering its rich wildlife.

6. Pawna Lake Camping

 Location: 117 km from Mumbai

Pawana lakeside camping near Lonavala provides an unforgettable camping experience among nature. Recent statistics demonstrate a steady increase in campers – more than 50,000 visits annually, according to statistics – who can enjoy serene lake views, starry nights and water sports activities for an exciting and peaceful camping adventure. A perfect weekend getaway for those seeking both tranquility and adventure!

7. Kashid

Location: 126 km from Mumbai

Kashid is an undiscovered gem on the Konkan coast known for its beautiful beaches. Although relatively quieter, statistics show it’s becoming increasingly popular each year – around 150,000 visitors annually come here! With ivory sand beaches and crystal-clear waters to relax on, swim through, unwind in, or relax by, this destination makes an excellent spot to unwind after an eventful day in nature – don’t miss your opportunity to visit nearby Phansad Wildlife Sanctuary for a special encounter!

Mumbai and its neighboring areas provide travelers with an array of experiences for visitors of all types. Be it history, adventure, or simply taking in nature’s splendor, each one of these seven places near Mumbai has something special to offer visitors – so pack your bags, escape the city chaos and embark on an exciting journey exploring Maharashtra’s lesser-known gems.

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