Unlocking the Gaming Universe: A Comprehensive Guide to Game Selection


Our 21st century has become a time when the gaming industry has become an integral part of people’s lives. In addition to this, we also learn about the world through games and become better socialized through them. Nowadays there are a huge number of games for every taste, and each person has the right to choose which game he likes best. Genres such as MMORPG, Arcade, Racing, Strategy, and Interactive may attract with their cover, but the main question is what is inside them? What are the functional features, what currency, and what characters? In this article, we will look at all the important aspects of choosing games and try to set priorities that will help you choose the optimal game and quickly decide which game to choose for a more enjoyable pastime.


The most correct answer to this question, which pops up in the minds of millions of people around the world, is the emotional component. By finding a game that suits you and evokes pleasant emotions, you can gain genuine joy from the gameplay. Above all, having the right factors to consider when choosing a game will help you make an informed decision that will help you relax both mentally and physically because, for some people, games are a unique way in their lives to escape from everyday worries and stress.


Games have long crossed the border of simple pastime. While playing, a person, without even noticing it, trains himself in everyday skills that are successfully used automatically. There are a huge number of aspects in games that help a person develop skills that are applicable in the real world and also contribute greatly to personal development. Let’s look at what exactly they are developing:

• STRATEGIC THINKING: Applying strategies in games and being able to choose the right options and try again helps develop the ability to predict outcomes in real life.

• DECISION MAKING: Games are a space where you need to quickly make informed decisions based only on the information available to the player. This has an incredible impact on increasing decision making in the real world.

• RESOURCE MANAGEMENT: In games, we constantly strive to effectively manage resources, be it in-game currency, time or items. Oddly enough, this skill helps in real life to correctly distribute your resources.

• STRESS RESISTANCE: It is no secret that games cause an emotional outburst, and thus this represents a test of a person’s stress resistance. This helps you cope with pressure in real life and control your emotions better.

• PURPOSE: When a player achieves his goals and puts in his best efforts, it helps to achieve personal goals in real life.


There are a huge number of genres of games that, to one degree or another, can influence human life in reality. Let’s take a look at some game genres so you can have a clearer understanding of what a given game might represent.

• ARCADE: This genre of games is fast and easy, and generally has very simple controls. This genre of games is mostly preferred by children.

• MMORPG: (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) This game genre belongs to the online world where a huge number of players participate simultaneously. Players interact with each other, complete various tasks, fight side by side, and develop their characters.

• RACING: This genre of games refers to themes related to vehicles, be it airplanes, cars, motorcycles, tanks, and much more. The goal of this genre is to be the one who comes first to the finish line.

• STRATEGY: In this genre, the player’s task is to properly utilize resources and achieve goals using his thinking. Strategies can be turn-based or real-time.

• PUZZLE: This genre of game is a puzzle game in which players solve various logic problems. This genre has the greatest variety of games because there can be tasks related to mathematics, combinations of shapes, matching colors, correct placement of objects, and much more. Puzzles require creative thinking and logical analysis. Even when applying for a job, they often give an IQ test, which is also a game.


GenreHow it Helps YouTiredness LevelBenefits
ARCADEHelps you react quickly, improve how you move, and make fast decisionsLowGets you better at reacting fast, feels exciting, it’s fun
MMORPGHelps you make friends, work together, think smart, and use your imaginationMediumLets you be someone else online, meet people, try different things
RACINGMakes you react faster, control better, focus harder, and handle stressMediumFeels exciting, tests how well you can drive, it’s fun
STRATEGYMakes you plan better, think ahead, make smart choices, and use resources wellLowHelps you think and predict things, lets you be creative in solving problems
PUZZLEMakes you think logically, focus more, solve problems, and learn new thingsLowHelps you solve puzzles, feels good when you finish them, it’s fun


1. How much time can I spend playing MMORPGs and similar games?
The time you spend in such games depends only on your individual needs and capabilities.

2. When was the first computer game created?
The first game was created in 1962.

3. When did the first 3D game appear?
In 1981, a computer game with 3D graphics was created. This game was a combination of 3D graphics and text elements.

4. Is it bad to play a lot of games?
This is completely individual, but it is believed that spending a lot of time playing games can have a negative impact on health and social relationships.

5. What is currency used in games?
Currency in games is typically used to make purchases, upgrade characters or items, unlock content, and achieve in-game goals.

6. Are there professional game players who make money from this?
Yes, there are professional players who make money from games. They participate in competitions known as eSports.


As you already know from the article, there are many aspects that you can find out in advance to understand whether you want to play it. To choose a game more correctly, you need to understand your preferences as much as possible. Analyzing games and genres in advance will also help a lot. Explore the genres, read reviews from other players and experts, pay attention to the gameplay and graphics of the game, and also take into account the recommendations of friends with whom you may be able to play together while enjoying this exciting process.


This article will help you analyze what you expect from the game, what emotions you want to get, and what goals you want to achieve, as well as what skills to improve in real life. Games are no longer just killing time, they are training certain skills, an opportunity for additional training and adaptation in social life.

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