What Colour Are The Reflective Studs Between a Motorway And Its Slip Road?

    In the United Kingdom, it is common to observe four types of reflective studs, each characterized by a different color on the roads. The use of each color serves a specific purpose and communicates a distinct message, as outlined by Rule 132 in the Highway Code. The color of reflective studs between the motorway and its slip road is green. When encountering green reflective studs, it indicates the presence of a slip road connecting to the main motorway’s carriageway. It is crucial to be aware that vehicles may be entering or exiting the highway in this area. Adjusting your speed according to the situation and checking your mirrors becomes essential in such circumstances.

    What colour are the reflective studs between a motorway and its slip road?

    A: Amber
    B: White
    C: Green
    D: Red

    Road marks and road studs

    Explore further information on road markings and road studs, which play a crucial role in marking roads, cycle lanes, bus lanes, and traffic calming schemes.

    Mandatory, regulatory, and informational road signs and studs contribute to enhancing road safety by aiding drivers in identifying potential safety hazards and delineating traffic flow. They play a significant role in guiding traffic along designated routes, especially in conditions of low visibility or darkness. Additionally, road markings assist in enforcing regulations related to designated parking and loading zones.

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