which statement describes an enterprise platform

An enterprise serves as a platform facilitating the connection between a supplier and a user through a social networking interface, enabling the entire business process to be conducted seamlessly. This platform integrates suppliers and customers via a social networking interface, facilitating end-to-end operations. It serves as a conduit that brings together individuals, processes, and various technologies, enabling the achievement of strategic goals. Moreover, it provides a platform for individuals to share and connect with friends and peers on social issues.

What is the Enterprise Platform?

An Enterprise Platform encompasses technologies and tools that serve as the underlying infrastructure for other applications, processes, or technologies. These solutions facilitate cross-functional tasks and typically incorporate a mix of capabilities from multiple enterprise systems. These systems comprise various software applications that share common data and offer diverse functionalities.

Which statement about an enterprise platform is true?



What is the core purpose of an enterprise platform’s enterprise platform?

The primary function of an enterprise platform is to assist organizations in achieving their goals and objectives by connecting individuals through social networking interfaces. This platform enables communication among friends and peers, while also facilitating the sharing of issues and perspectives between buyers and sellers.

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