Why Invest in Marketing Translation Services? 

Have you ever wondered how you came to know about quality products that are manufactured in different regions of the world? It is just because of marketing. In this era of fierce competition, companies are spending large amounts of money on Marketing strategies. These strategies are fruitful if you communicate to the people in the language that they understand. Here is where marketing translation services come in. 

What is Marketing Translation? 

The marketing translation is about translating the marketing content from one language to another. This involves the translation of both online and offline content. Marketing translation services are imperative in making your brand image. For seamless marketing translation services, you first need to localize your content. You must be thinking why? Well, this is because the consumer behavior of people living in every region is different. This behavior is shaped by their culture.

The marketing content that you advertise in one region can be offensive to another region. Therefore, for localization and translation of marketing content, you must hire a professional translation company. They have a team of native translators who can provide impeccable translation services while considering regional and cultural intricacies. 

Marketing Translation Increases Revenue 

At present, many brick-and-mortar stores have changed their business model to e-commerce. Therefore, digital marketing has become a new norm in business. For this purpose, many organizations have come up with the company websites. We all know that English is a lingua franca but having the website in English is not enough. The Common Sense Advisory surveyed China, Brazil, Egypt, Russia, Japan, Indonesia, Spain, and Turkey and came up with these results.  

  • 87% of consumers don’t read English. Therefore, they don’t buy products and services from the website which is in the English language.
  • 80%  of the potential customers prefer to shop on the website which is in their native language. 
  • 60% of the prospective consumers don’t buy if the information on the website is only in the English language.  

To your surprise, 70% of consumers in Japan like to shop from a website that is in their native language. Additionally, people living in other countries like China, Germany, Turkey, and France also preferred information on the websites in their native language. 

The important thing to note is that global companies take advantage of website platforms for marketing purposes. They give different concessions to potential customers so that they are persuaded to buy products and services from their website. 

Translating the website into the customer’s native language and providing them with a localized experience can result in increasing traffic to your website. Moreover, it boosts the traffic conversation rate along with other marketing indicators. 

Marketing Translation Builds Trust 

Translating marketing content like product information, company proposals, and marketing campaigns makes customers valued. Your effort in translating the content into the customer’s language cannot go unnoticed. Customers become loyal to your brand when they think they are treated well. One more study by Common Sense Advisory states that businesses that translate the content into the customer’s potential language earn 2.67 times more than companies that don’t opt for translation. 

Why is Marketing Translation Different? 

Marketing translation is distinct from other translations. For instance, for technical translations, you need to do word-for-word translations for maintenance guides, safety manuals, and legal documents. Then, there are some documents where readers require clarity and accuracy in these documents. Therefore, they are open to interpretation. Contrary to this, marketing translation follows a different approach. This is because marketing content is crafted for 

  • Influencing people through feelings 
  • Attracting the consumers to the brand by crafting the brand message according to their demands. 

The marketing message needs to be altered according to the target audience. Here the important thing to note is that marketing content should look beyond the language change. They need to consider different factors that are 

  • Product Representation
  • Idioms and metaphors 
  • Use of local keywords
  • Symbols, images, and colors 
  • Humor and jokes 

To deal with these factors, you require the assistance of localization services while considering your business objectives. 

Marketing Blunder Made by HSBC Bank

Many companies have made blunders in marketing translation that resulted in heavy losses. Let’s have a look at an example of HSBC. The bank translated its catchphrase  ‘Assume Nothing’ without considering its meaning in the cultural context. When this was translated it turned into ‘Do Nothing’. To overcome this marketing translation blunder, the bank had to spend  $10 million on rebranding. 

After translating the marketing content, you must evaluate the results of your marketing campaign. In foreign markets, it becomes difficult to calculate ROI. Finance translation services are of great help in this regard. 

Wrapping Up 

Do you know that investment in marketing is increasing globally because of internationalization? According to the report by Forrester, spending on marketing pursuits can increase up to $4.7 trillion by 2025. The largest spenders of marketing in the world are China and the US. No matter how much they spend on marketing pursuits, they can take leverage it if they go to translation and localization services. Are you ready to invest in marketing translations?

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