4 Surefire Signs You Need a Roof Replacement

There’s a phrase “having a roof on the head” which translates to having a shelter or a place to call home. Owning up to this phrase, a shelter is not a shelter unless your roof is safe.

Many first-time homeowners don’t even consider checking in on their roofs, let alone hiring roofing services for roof inspections. Many others notice the signs when it is already too late to extend the roof’s life with some maintenance projects.

For all homeowners, new and old, we have gathered 4 surefire signs that indicate that you need to hire residential roofing services for a roof replacement:

1.      Roof Age

If you first moved into your house 10-15 years ago, your roof might be a few years older than that. Typical roofing is expected to last for 25 years. However, if the roofing has high quality materials and workmanship, you can expect it to last a few years more. On the other hand, bad quality roofing material and lack of proper ventilation before the job could cause roofing to fail within 20 years or even less!

If it has been 15 or more years to your house, we advise you to keep checking for signs that might show deterioration. In this case, hiring roof inspectors could help you estimate how long you have before the roof fails on you.

2.      Damaged Shingles

Areas that get a lot of wind and snow are likely to have damaged shingles – at times even a few years after the roof installation. However, areas that don’t get a lot of wind, rain, or snow like San Jose are in luck.

Curling and buckling shingles are a sign that the roof needs maintenance or replacement. Even if you’re living in an area like San Jose, it is important that you keep an eye out for these signs of damage. If the roofing company you hired hasn’t done a good job, then you might see curling shingles too. In this case you can reach out to them to claim the workmanship guarantee and redo the roofing.

On the other hand, if you hire professional residential roofing services like Creekside Pro Construction, you will never face issues like early shingle damage.

3.      Missing or Cracking Shingles

Shingles form the topmost layer of your roofing. While a lot of times, the damage lies underneath the surface, one of the surest signs that you need a roof replacement comes from this layer. If you see that your shingles are curling, that is one sign. However, if you see them coming loose or cracking with granules landing in the gutter or on your patio, that is a 100% sign that it is deteriorating.

An early sign that most homeowners overlook with shingles is their discoloration. Because shingles are made from a single material, they are unlikely to appear discolored in a few places. Unless your house gets sun on specific regions of the roof and other parts of the roof are under shade, discoloration could be a sign of shingle deterioration.

4.      Daylight Through the Roof Boards

We have mostly covered the obvious surface signs of roof replacement. However, there is one sure shot sign that your roof needs replacement that isn’t obvious.

The first way to detect this sign is to climb to the top of the roof. If the roof feels squishy, almost like a trampoline, that means the inner layer or decking has absorbed water. The second way to detect the sign is to go up to your attic and check if you can see the sunlight. If the roofboards allow sunlight to come into your attic, that means the roofing has some “holes” – deeming it unreliable.

Final Words

Many times, the signs of roof replacement are not obvious. If you’re not experienced, you might think that a few loose shingles are harmless. However, loose shingles, cracking shingles, or a spongy roof are three surefire signs that your roof needs replacement.

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