5 Best Practices for healthcare marketing in 2023

Video marketing has certain rules for success and healthcare marketing is different. Since it’s 2023, the sphere of video marketing is changing. And, it’s only getting more dynamic.

Attention spans are testing the patience of video teams, while at the same time, the digital experience has never been this demanding. People want engaging, entertaining and educational content in the shortest possible time.

So, to keep you in the game for healthcare marketing, we’ve compiled some of the best practices you can adopt to ace your healthcare marketing in 2023.

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So, read on!

1.      Keep it short and sweet

Attention spans are a challenge. While there are many people busting the myth of attention span, no one can deny that longer attention spans work in relation to long-form videos that not just engaging, but have simple content.

So, if you want to reduce the bounce rate of your site or social media, make sure to keep your message as precise as possible. Be informative without having the need to increase the duration of your video.

Most videos for social media might be best served with a maximum duration of 1-minute. Also ensure to keep your intro simple because that’s where most people lose interest and withdraw from watching it.

2.      Inspire with a story

Stories keep us hooked. Stories evoke strong emotions and there’s no marketer that can deny that stories are a powerful marketing tool. So, build on your narrative. Whatever it is, make sure to do your research and tell a story around the pain points of your audience.

People would want to know how one of your patients successfully defeated cancer, or how the process of therapy turns out to be gold for clients in the longer-run. Or it could even be about how a new healthcare app makes tracking health ridiculously easy.

You can have characters that resonate and start with a narrative that excites people to their core.

3.      Emphasize on educating

When it comes to healthcare video production, you can choose to entertain, but don’t miss on the primary objective of education. Every person wants to have the best health. And, that’s where the opportunity lies for healthcare marketers.

You can choose to educate people in general with a thought-provoking video. Aside from health problems and precautions, you can even create engaging content around your procedures, aftercare treatment and much more.

You can even address on basic human body sciences. This may seem like too much but most people tend to hold poor knowledge about the subject. So, it’s always a great opportunity to come out with confidence and educate with grace using a video.

4.      Invest time in writing a good script

Believe it or not, healthcare videos have the best script. A good video script not only gives you clear direction for your message, but is also the inception of creative ideas. You can choose to tell a story and keep things simple and precise.

While you might feel that it’s not needed for shorter videos, know that scripts are much more significant for shorter videos. Even if it’s just a 10-second video, having a quality script can help you make that desired level of impact. So, it’s always best to invest in writing one.

5.      Pick a tone that moves viewers

What’s important to do when investing in healthcare marketing is to be mindful of the tone of your messaging. You want to make sure that you message is positive and clear. Plus, since your niche is health, you need to show compassion and care in your videos. Just like the best healthcare videos.

Know that people in general or let’s say your target audience won’t like a video that runs on and off the subject. So, make sure to stick to the point and avoid being too dramatic, or scary. Video will only work in tandem with your doctor’s personality.

So, leverage it as a tool that will help reassure, calm, empower and empathize with your patients. That’s the kind of work you need to do with the tone of your messaging.

6.      Invest in video equipment

Just being at the mercy of your smartphone camera might not always be the best option. So, consider investing in have a professional video setup. While equipment can be costly and make your finance team question about the budget allocation, you can always choose to outsource video production as it’s the case with most healthcare companies.

As you do that, you save yourself from the hurdle of buying a professional video setup. However, if you’ve the allocation, there’s no point in shying away from doing your own production. So, keep a close eye on your budgets and figure out what’s the best option for you.

5 Bonus Tips for healthcare marketing

Well, guess what? That’s not enough. Healthcare marketing is booming and becoming seriously competitive with each passing day. So, here are five more bonus tips or let’s say practices you can adapt to level up your healthcare marketing game.

  • Get high quality stock media
  • Make sure to include subtitles
  • Pick simple music
  • Hire a talented motion graphics artist
  • Optimize video for socials

Wrap up

Let’s wrap this one up. Above we gave you a comprehensive guide on the best practices for healthcare marketing in 2023. We started off with a highlight on why you need to keep your message precise and simple.

Consider investing in videos that are only 1 minute long so that you can keep up with shorter attention span of most people. Secondly, you can invest in telling a story.

Stories evoke emotion and can elicit a memorable moment for anyone watching your video. So, make sure to give your audience that moment of awe. Third, along with exploring storytelling, you want to be as informative as possible.

Entertaining might be cool, but being educational is professional and desirable here. Next, pick a tone that resonates with people.

Video needs to work in tandem with the doctor’s personality and how they approach patients. Leverage it that way. Last but not the least, write a good script and invest in video equipment, if you can.

Hope you got a nugget or two from this one.

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