5 Things to Consider When Selecting Remote Support Software 

Remote IT support is one of the fastest-growing sectors of the information technology (IT) industry. Statistics by Future Market Insights indicate that the global remote desktop software market was estimated at a staggering USD 2.31 billion in 2022 and would increase to USD 5.9 billion by 2030, representing a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12.4% during the forecast periods.  

Enhanced efficiency is the primary benefit of engaging remote IT professionals. With a distant IT specialist on speed dial, you can be sure that glitches in your computer systems will be addressed long before they can cause massive operational downtimes.  

Outsourcing remote IT services is also considerably cheaper than working with an in-house IT team. Besides, it presents immense networking opportunities.  

One way to make IT services remotely available is by investing in reliable software and communication channels. This article highlights the top five considerations when shopping for remote support software. 

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What Is Remote Support Software? 

Remote support software is a program that allows individuals or businesses to access a computer system from a distant location. They’re also known as remote access software or remote desktop software.  

IT technicians are probably the people who most commonly use remote support software. The programs allow IT professionals to troubleshoot technical issues with other computer systems without needing to be physically present on-site.  

Besides IT specialists, remote access software may also be used by regular business administrators or managers for various screen-sharing tasks. 

Top 5 Features to Look For In Remote Support Software 

1. Advanced Security 

Security is the most crucial consideration when looking for remote support software. But how secure should the program be?  

First off, choose remote access software that uses encrypted connections. This prevents your personal information from slipping into potentially malicious hands.  

It’s also important to insist on programs that utilize strong authentication methods, particularly multi-factor authentication (MFA). Multi-factor authentication implements advanced security features to prevent unauthorized system access. Besides simply asking for a username and password, users may need to input a secret code sent to their personal contacts or biometric features to access remote support systems.  

As an extra security layer, it’s important to update all log-in credentials regularly. That’s especially true if working with several IT professionals remotely. 

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2. Multi-Device Support 

This is one area where many business owners often skimp when looking for remote support software. They only realize they weren’t diligent enough when the chosen program suddenly isn’t compatible with their devices.  

Now, the conventional wisdom is to pick a remote access application that supports all the major operating systems, including Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. This is necessary even if your company currently uses a single platform.  

Software that works on multiple platforms allows IT specialists to assist anyone in your company regardless of the device they’re using.  

Mobile compatibility is recommended as it allows you to fix technical problems in your business while on the go. A stable internet connection is all you need to request IT support. 

3. Two-way Desktop Sharing 

Two-way desktop sharing is another essential factor to consider when shopping for remote IT support software. It refers to the ability to share your screen with another party, including a client, coworker, or, in this case, a remote technician.  

Many remote desktop applications provide some screen-sharing capabilities. However, you should consider software that allows you to share your screen with multiple users simultaneously.  

It’s even better if the program has online collaboration features like file sharing and content annotation.  

Sharing your desktop with a remote IT technician is particularly useful when the requested technical assistance would need your active input. It can also come in handy when you need to present to different clients. 

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4. Accessibility  

The word “accessibility,” with respect to remote support software, can have several connotations.  

First, it refers to the ease with which you, as well as your coworkers and employees, can access critical company services using a remote desktop program. The application should make file management and data transmission incredibly easy.  

Accessibility may also denote the ease of setup. Installing remote support software doesn’t have to be a painstaking process. It’s something you should be able to do without needing professional help.  

And once installed, the software should be easy to get the hang of. Avoid remote desktop applications requiring a steep learning curve, as that could mean hiring extra people to train your employees on using such programs. 

5. 24/7 Support  

Enhanced systems availability is the primary reason you’ve opted for remote support software in the first place. Therefore, it makes sense that the program you choose should provide round-the-clock support.  

It’s bad enough to experience operational downtimes due to a glitch in your company’s computer system. But it’s even worse if the chosen remote access app experiences lags that take forever to fix.  

The best way to gauge remote desktop software’s support is to actually begin using the service. 

If you’re unsure about the app’s performance, you may want to test-drive it before committing fully. 

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Wrap Up 

Remote support software can make a massive difference in getting an IT expert to troubleshoot technical problems in your company. These programs are also central to day-to-day business operations, particularly those that require project collaborations.  

Feel free to use this article to choose the best remote desktop software.  

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