8 Tattoo Designs For Women that Depicts Love Towards Family 

Towards Family 

Tattoos are the best way through which you can express your love and emotion towards someone or something. No wonder tattoos are the latest trend. 

Women also love to get inked on their body and show their emotions and love through these tattoos. So for you women, we have got some beautiful tattoo designs to show your love towards your loved ones and all these tattoo designs have some deeper meanings.

Family tree

A unique tattoo design that a woman would love to get inked with. Such small tattoos for women exemplifies that we are all one, we have a common root and we all members are different branches of the tree. A woman can get inked with this tattoo and the branches will hold the names of her husband, children, and her parents whom she wants to show her love and gratitude.

Family Footprint

A footprint tattoo design is another trending tattoo design nowadays. Women get inked with the footprints of their children and the name of their children as for every mother her children and family are the most important part of their lives. This tattoo looks so adorable as it shows the purest form of love that is love between a mother and her children.

Anchor with Infinity Tattoo

The infinity symbol exemplifies that the love that is between the couple is eternal. Along with this symbol, the couple can get inked their partner’s name on each other hand which signifies that your love for each other is never-ending.

An anchor tattoo is the symbol of stability, peace, strength, and determination. In ancient times this tattoo was represented as the symbol of safety. It also shows your loyalty. 

These both tattoo together shows the extreme power of love towards your partner or your family.

Bow Tattoo

Bow tattoo exemplifies feminity. It is a symbol of specialty as bows are generally used for tying special gifts. This Bow tattoo exemplifies the spirit of giving and taking which is the most common behavior of women. The Bow is a kind of knot which in ancient symbolizes strength, loyalty, and beauty. This lace design bow tattoo design looks super sexy on the back of a women’s body.

Lion with Crown Tattoo

A lioness tattoo on a female symbolizes feminine strength, courage, and motherhood. As a lion is the king of the jungle so definitely a lioness is the queen. A lioness tattoo with the crown signifies royalty. This tattoo on your back shows that you are fearless and it shows that you are a queen. It shows the feisty personality side of the woman that depicts her love towards her family and also tells that she can fight like a lioness for her family and her loved ones.

Angel Wings Tattoo

If you’re looking meanful neck tattoos back then this Angel wings tattoo is perfect for you. It exemplifies freedom, faith, and protection. These wings are the symbol of a guardian angel and people often get inked with this tattoo to remind themselves that they are not alone. These angel wings are a kind of tribute to the love they have lost and people hope that the lost loved ones will always guide them. You can get this tattoo inked on various parts of your body but this tattoo on every different part of your body has a different symbolic meaning. This angel wings tattoo on your back symbolizes that you are God’s warrior and you are doing God’s task in real life.

Mother & Child Tattoo

This is one of the best tattoo designs that a woman can get inked with. Nothing in this world is greater than the love between a mother and her child. This tattoo purely indicates love, a true love. These tattoos with deep meaning look so adorable that every woman would love to get inked with this design.

Rose with Name Tattoo

A rose tattoo design symbolizes the promise, hope & love between two people and the thorns represent the loss and differences between two people. This tattoo also represents your love for the flowers. A rose tattoo with the name of the person or thing to whom you want to show your love is the best tattoo you could get inked on your hand. 

Do tell us which tattoo design you liked the most?

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