Account Blocks on Online Casino Sites: Everything You Need to Know

Account blocks on online casino sites are the worst thing that can ever happen. Just when you think you’re getting the hang of your favorite games, the dreaded red letters could pop up on your screen telling you that the site has banned your account. Losing the money is obviously the most worrying thing. Can this really happen? Actually, yes! Before you panic, let’s take a quick look at what happens when an account is suspended and if you can get it back. 

Look for Resolutions By Contacting Customer Service

For starters, let’s clarify that you should always look for the best online casino app in India, preferably a reputable casino. These platforms have robust customer service, so you can always approach the chat box or email for quick resolutions. There can be any number of reasons why a casino blocks out members. Of course, the main reason is always a violation of their terms and conditions. Depending on the issue, the casino could block out a patron for a fixed time, like 24 hours. 

More serious issues may result in longer bans, which can sometimes last a lifetime. You’ll likely get an email alerting you to the account block. They’ll usually reserve your balance amount in the virtual vault while you work out the resolution. But, there’s always the possibility of your winnings getting permanently frozen. 

Incorrect Log In Details or Unsuccessful Verification

Reputable online casinos have multi-factor authentication, usernames, and passwords to protect their members’ accounts. To ensure complete security, they may block an account if someone has made too many unsuccessful login attempts. This safety strategy is simply designed to deter hackers from trying to get into an account by guessing the password. If you try multiple times to log in, expect the account to get blocked. To get back in, contact customer support and follow the steps they direct.

Incomplete Verification Process

Online casinos accept new members only after conducting detailed KYC checks. You’ll provide data like identification and age proof assigned by the government. For instance, an Aadhar Card Number or driver’s license. That’s because accredited digital casinos must complete the verification process per government guidelines. If you fail to do the verification, the casino might not accept your application and block the account. 

Aside from identity verification, proof of age is very important to get your account up and running. All worldwide casinos have strict rules about underage gambling. You should also know that online sites are carefully monitored by authoritative agencies. If the website is found guilty of violating the rules, it could lose its license. This is why, they are incredibly cautious about permitting players below 18 years. If the identity indicates that the applicant is a minor, the account will be blocked immediately.

Duplicating the Account

As a rule, online gambling portals permit only one account per player. Don’t make the mistake of trying to create multiple accounts because sites can track down IP addresses to detect duplicated accounts. Even if you try to connect different payment options and bank account details, that won’t work. The casino will simply block the account. 

However, there’s always the possibility that multiple family members attempt to create individual accounts on the same portal. Or, members returning after an extended gap may forget they already have an account and try to create another. The best course of action is to contact customer support and get to the bottom of the matter. They might choose to reinstate your account.

Suspicious Activities Like Money Laundering

Since online gambling platforms deal with real money and are connected to bank accounts, members may try to use the site to launder money. For this reason, regulatory agencies carefully monitor fishy and unusual banking transactions. You can also be sure that they’ll accept verified payment methods only, so trying to use prepaid debit cards may not work. 

Many countries have banned gambling, which is why players may choose to start accounts on global websites. That’s when the platform shuts down the member’s account. Be careful because if a player makes transactions above a specific limit, the casino might even report them to the authorities. 

Violating Terms and Conditions

This is, of course, the most obvious reason. Patrons should take the time to read through the terms and conditions in detail before starting an account. If you don’t follow the rules, the casino will simply shut down the account. And you’ll lose all your winnings. Typical reasons are the ones listed above but learn about any other terms of use as well. 

Account blocks on online casino sites are a real possibility. But you can easily work your way around it by following their rules. If you do get stuck, there’s always customer support. Enjoy!!

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