All you need to know about the best Discord AI apps

Gone are the days when Discord was merely an app to connect two gamers. In 2023, it’s a full-scale multimedia, thanks to OpenAI-powered apps.

In 2015, what began as a platform for audio communication has evolved into a thriving entertainment AI hub while maintaining its roots in gaming. Discord, originally known for its voice chat capabilities, expanded its features to include video chatting and group calls. Now, it has integrated AI technology, solidifying its position as a comprehensive one-stop solution for gamers. 

Here’s all you need to know about AI image generation, task assistance, and apps to boost server interaction on Discord. 

What are OpenAI Discord Apps?

AI Discord apps are different than your typical bots. They are smarter and bolster communication among larger masses by utilizing OpenAI technology.

If you’ve ever been to a Discord party where no one’s got any gaming creativity or the energy to set up fun activities, then OpenAI Discord apps are for you! Consider them that tech-savvy, nice friend who’s always down to plan and manage activities. OpenAI-powered Discord apps are still new, but there are already so many options to tinker with. 

Discord AI image generator

The AI image generator is easily one of the top apps on Discord. It’s simple, accessible, and renders impeccable results for artsy gamers and students alike. The name is self-explanatory: AI Image generator creates an image or art based on the text prompt provided. Wild, right?

To get started, simply type /generate and add a custom prompt. Here are some other commands you may use on this app and their purpose:

  • /vote: Information about voting for the bot
  • /stats: Provides stats related to the AI Image generator
  • /help: Displays all of the bot’s commands
  • /status: Allows you to check the status of your current generation

Discord Bing

Discord Bing is a true jack of all trades. You might wonder, can Bing generate AI images? The answer is yes. From AI image generation to composing your emails, this versatile AI can handle it all.

If you spend a chunk of your day on the web, you must already know about ChatGPT. Now, imagine having a Discord friend doing the same job and more. Discord Bing is that nerdy friend who knows it all but with a great sense of humor. 

It is a conversational AI that can answer your questions, assist you with work-related tasks, generate AI images, find directions, or even write emails. When you’re bored, Bind AI turns into a stand-up comedian or a poet from Shakespearean times, writing rib-tickling jokes and heartfelt poems.  


If you’re a streamer who’s not big on conversations, leave it to Cappuccino to keep your server alive. It’s a conversation starter, which can sometimes go into dark-roast mode, but only with the owner’s permission. Cappuccino keeps the Discord members busy and in touch with each other. 

With Cappuccino, you may craft a question about a game, hobbies, or a song, and then all members would answer the same question. This OpenAI Discord app also has a roast feature, perfect for breaking the ice and spreading smiles in a quiet server. 

Some commands to use on Cappuccino: 

  • /cappuccino: This is where everyone responds to your custom question. 
  • /coffeebreak:  It’s a casual command which starts a conversation about daily routine. 
  • /randomccino: This is where everyone responds to a random question from different categories. 


Midjourney is another AI Image and art generator that users can use to bring their imagination to life. Unlike other generators, this OpenAI Discord app offers four different variations of the prompt provided so the user can pick the most accurate one. 

Midjourney is easily the most successful Discord AI app so far, with more than 16 million users worldwide. If you’re creative, you’d love Midjourney as your go-to AI app. 

Truth or Dare

We get it; AI is supposed to facilitate work and everyday tasks, but it’s also an excellent tool to help blow off steam. Truth or Dare is another app you can integrate into your server to attract and retain users. 

It’s also self-explanatory, bringing the iconic traditional party game to your Discord party with thousands of unique questions. The best part? This AI app has multiple games. You can play Truth or Dare, Would You Rather, Never Have I Ever, and Paranoia with this bot! 

Some commands to use with this Discord AI app:

  • /tod: Gives a random truth or dare question
  • /random: Gives a random question from any category
  • /dare: Gives a dare that has to be completed
  • /truth: Gives a random question that has to be answered truthfully
  • /Paranoia: Gives a paranoia question or sends one to the user

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