Documents Needed For Getting Degree Certificates Apostilled

Setting out for international studies, careers or personal purposes often necessitates authenticating important documents – degree certificates being one of the most significant. Apostille legalization streamlines this legalization process so they will be accepted into countries adhering to Hague Convention; we’ve put together this comprehensive guide which details exactly which documents you require in order to secure an Apostille for your degree certificate and ensure a hassle-free authentication process.

Understanding Apostille Process for Degree Certificates

Apostille processes are governed by the Hague Convention of 1961, designed to facilitate cross-border recognition of public documents. When it comes to degree certificates issued either academically or professionally, Apostilles are a vital requirement in countries which signatories to this Convention accept them for recognition purposes.

Documents Needed for Degree Certificate Apostille:

Original Degree Certificate: 

For Apostille applications, the primary document you require from any educational institution is their original degree certificate or diploma (such as bachelor’s, master’s etc). Copies or notarized copies typically do not meet these criteria – emphasizing its importance.

Transcript of Records for Apostille:

Many countries also require transcripts as evidence of degree authenticity, giving an account of courses taken, grades earned and academic performance overall. They serve as important supporting documentation.


Before initiating Apostille process, degree certificate and transcript may need to be notarized by a notary public to add extra layer of credibility and security for Apostille documents. Notarization involves verifying authenticity of document with signatures affixed on them through notarization process conducted by notary publics thereby adding extra trustworthiness of documents being Apostilled.

Translation Services:

If the degree certificate and transcript do not comply with the language standards in which Apostille is sought, translation may be required in order to authenticate both original documents as well as their translations. Certified translation services guarantee accuracy while meeting government-issued standards of compliance for accuracy and authenticity of translated texts. Nowadays there are many service providers in the country, through whom work just go flawlessly. For getting your certificate apostilled, there are many service providers in various cities like apostille services Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi and many other.

Authentication by Educational Authorities:

A degree certificate and transcript typically require authentication by educational authorities within their issuing nation, such as university registrar’s offices, ministry of Education offices or any other designated institutions responsible for overseeing academic credentials.

Application Form for Degree Certificate Apostille Processing:

Starting the Apostille process typically starts by filling out an Application Form that collects important details regarding both your document and yourself as the individual requiring authentication. Filling this out accurately and comprehensively to prevent delays during processing is key in expeditious service delivery.

Government Fees:

Acquiring an Apostille for your degree certificate does come at a price, however. Government fees cover administrative expenses related to processing the request; their structure depends upon what document type and country is involved – applicants should become acquainted with all applicable fees to ensure timely payments of them.

Cover Letter:

Some jurisdictions require an Apostille request be accompanied with a cover letter providing more context on its purpose, details about degree required, or instructions regarding processing. An effective cover letter can help expedite authentication process more rapidly.

Consulate/Embassy Attestation (if Applicable):

In certain instances, particularly for countries not part of the Hague Convention, additional steps such as consulate/embassy attestation may be required in order to fully authenticate documents submitted for authentication by diplomatic missions outside the Hague Convention. Attestation involves sending these authenticated documents back for further review from an embassies/consulate around the globe. For example, if you are thinking to go to UAE for your studies then you need an UAE embassy attestation India. Also there are different criteria for different countries.

Photocopy of Passport or ID:

Submitting a photocopy of one’s passport or identification document when applying for Apostille services is often mandatory and helps verify who the document belongs to and ensure that its authentication will take place correctly.


Acquiring an Apostille for your degree certificate is an integral step toward its international recognition and acceptance. Process can seem complex at first glance; but with proper understanding of required documents and compliance with guidelines provided by relevant authorities, you can navigate it successfully. No matter the purpose for which your degree certificate will be used – be it further education, employment opportunities or relocation for personal reasons – an apostilled degree certificate can open doors and make for an easier transition abroad. Ensure you know about any requirements specific to both issuing and receiving countries for successful Apostille processes when seeking your degree certificate abroad.

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