Drive User Engagement With the Right Ecommerce Conversion Optimization

You want to expand your reach and build an eCommerce app or website. You know it’s going to help you reach new customers.

Only you launch it and it’s not as successful as you were hoping. Now what do you do? What went wrong?

Even when your app development is over, you need to tweak your eCommerce conversion optimization. Otherwise, your sales will be abysmal. You may get app installs and website visits, but you’re missing out on potential profits.

The good news: there’s a solution – and this guide will tell you all about it.

Understanding Conversion Rates

Let’s start by talking about conversion rates and the customer journey. A customer journey is all about the transition from learning about the product to buying and experiencing it. If you’re not sure what this looks like, try creating a customer journey map to serve as a visualization of user engagement with your brand.

Ultimately, you want to drive sales. These could be website sales or app sales.

First, you have to understand your desired conversion rate. The conversion rate is simply a metric used to measure the percentage of customers who take a particular action. For eCommerce, this could be the number of visitors who purchase your product.

If you want a shortcut, you can use a conversion rate calculator like this one.

App Development and Conversion Tactics

Now that you understand conversion rates, how can you improve your conversions?

For starters, your eCommerce website or app must be excellent. Of course, it needs basic functionality such as security, an online shopping cart, etc., but it also has to look professional.

Much like how packaging can influence whether or not a customer buys an item off of a retail shelf, the look of your eCommerce store can influence if a purchase is made.

Of course, you also need to price your services competitively, but good pricing also means transparency when it comes to shipping costs. High shipping charges can lead to cart abandonment.

When something does go wrong with a customer’s shopping experience, they want to be able to reach someone for support. That’s where a live chat function comes in handy.

Not everyone wants to call customer service and wait on hold. A live chat function allows customers to get help when they need it.

Finally, you can also use scarcity and urgency to entice visitors, reminding them to “order by x date” to get holiday delivery, or “sale ends in x hours.” For your eCommerce app, make sure it has advanced features such as push notifications. You can use these push notifications to remind app users of upcoming sales or advertise limited-time products.

Let Us Help With Your eCommerce Conversion Optimization

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