How to Fix Path of Exile Unexpected Disconnection Error

The State Bank of India (SBI) stands as one of India’s largest banks, offering a range of online banking services to its customers. However, customers occasionally encounter issues with their online banking or YONO SBI, and one prevalent problem involves user ID deactivation.

If you’ve received a message stating, “Dear customer, Due to recent unusual pattern of transactions, as a precaution, your online banking User ID has been deactivated. Scheduled transactions will also get deactivated,” there are ways to address it. Here’s a step-by-step guide on resolving this issue.

Fix SBI Online Banking User ID has Been Deactivated Problem

Check your Internet Connection

Prior to resolving the issue, ensure that your internet connection is stable and your device is functioning properly. If the internet connection seems unstable, attempt to restart the router or modem and verify if the problem persists.

Update Yono SBI

The Yono SBI app necessitates a device operating on Android 9.0 or higher for optimal functionality. Users with devices on older Android versions must either upgrade their device or download the app on a compatible device meeting the minimum requirements. Ensuring the device meets these specifications is vital for seamless app performance and access to all features.

Contact SBI Customer Care

If accessing your SBI online banking account is problematic, the initial step is to contact SBI customer care. Utilize the toll-free number provided on the bank’s website or visit your nearest SBI branch. Upon contact, the customer care representative will verify your identity and guide you through resolving the issue.

SBI YONO Toll-free Customer Care: 1800 425 3800

Visit Your SBI Home Branch – Only Working Solution

If the issue with your user ID requires resolution through the home branch visit, it is the sole viable solution. Visiting the home branch in person is necessary.

Ensure you carry a valid government-issued photo ID and any other pertinent documents specified by the bank to verify your identity. The bank’s staff at the home branch will assist in activating your user ID and addressing associated concerns.

If visiting the branch is impractical, consider reaching out to the bank’s executive for potential alternative solutions.


What should I do if I receive a message saying my SBI online banking user ID has been deactivated?

If you encounter a message stating that your SBI online banking user ID has been deactivated, start by checking your internet connection and ensuring your device is functioning properly. If the problem persists, update your Yono SBI app to meet the minimum requirements. Should login issues persist, reach out to SBI customer care for further assistance.

How do I ensure that my device meets the requirements for Yono SBI app?

For the Yono SBI app compatibility, your device should run on Android 9.0 or higher. If your device operates on an older version, consider upgrading it or alternatively downloading the YONO SBI Lite app on a device that meets the minimum requirements.

Wrap Up

In summary, if your SBI online banking user ID has been deactivated, there’s no need to worry as it can be readily resolved by following the aforementioned steps. If you continue experiencing difficulties, don’t hesitate to contact SBI customer care, who will provide assistance in resolving the issue.

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