Guide to Using Instagram Reels To Attract New Followers 

Crafting engaging Instagram reel views starts with understanding your audience’s interests. All of us have our own IG accounts, whether private or professional. But deep down, we all want to enhance our fan following. Today, we will comprehensively discuss how you can maximize the full potential of Instagram reels. If you are a content creator, follow this guide to Instagram reels to attract new followers. So, keep reading.

Instagram Reels Best Size and Dimensions

You must first focus on creating engaging and appealing content, especially reels, to gain new followers.  IG reels appeal more to the audience. Instagram reels can be viewed vertically, taking up the entire viewer’s screen. So, its size aspect ratio must be between 9:16 with the best quality of 1080 to 1920 pixels. 

If you keep the sizes and dimensions of your reels intact, Instagram algorithms will notice them soon. Therefore, your reel will get added to the traffic, which will help you get more views on your content and reach more followers. 

Some Pro Tips To Help You Get More Views on Your Instagram Reels

If you are facing problems getting more attention for your Instagram reels and enhancing your reach, follow this guide to Instagram reels to attract new followers.

Experimenting with Content 

There’s no benefit in putting effort into making reels if you are not getting enough reach. So, it’s better to do a regular check on the insights of your reels. Analyze your comments, likes, shares, views, and engage with your audience. 

If your Instagram account’s understanding fails to meet your expectations, try changing your theme. Experimenting with content is always fruitful. Also, don’t forget to add relevant hashtags to attract the community of your target audience. If you want to experiment with content so, you can Instagram reels video download online from competitors’ accounts. This way you can get more benefits because when you Insta reels download that trending on Instagram. Use any video editor like Adobe Premiere to create your own reels after some edits in the downloaded reel with Instagram Reels Saver. 

Entertain your Audience 

To engage more of your audience, try making content that will evoke emotions in them and entertain them. Research has shown that funny content gets more shares and emotional content gets more saves. So, make reels that can better engage your audience.

Pro Editing

You should avail yourself of all the editing features Instagram provides to its users, including Instagram filters and camera effects. People also save more content that contains unique filters with effects and catchy transitions. Also, add relevant music and gifs from the IG menu to appeal to your audience.

High Quality

If you want to get more views on your reels, keep the quality of your reel within the above-discussed size and dimensions. Insta keeps the quality of reels intact if they range between 1080 and 1920 pixels. HD reels effortlessly grab the attention of the viewers on their Explore page.

Third-Party App Use

If you do not like IG’s built-in editing features and want to explore more advanced features, you can edit your reels in any third-party app. Editing a reel is essential to making it appealing to the audience. However, you can also download Instagram reels from IG by using an online Instagram reels downloader to get inspiration. 

Final Thought

Instagram reels are the most engaging video content and are famous among viewers. Making quality content is mandatory, and regularly posting it will make your reels appear on the explore page and reels tab of the viewers. Additionally, always add relevant hashtags and follow the above tips to increase your Instagram reach and number of followers.    

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