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For an extended period, Amazon has stood as one of the premier online marketplaces for book sales, evolving to offer a vast array of products. If you’re seeking the convenience of purchasing items from the comfort of your home, Amazon is an excellent choice. When it comes to maintaining privacy, Amazon allows you to easily conceal or delete all or part of your order records, ensuring your activities on the platform remain discreet.

Concealing or deleting your Amazon order history serves various purposes. You might want to remove an inadvertent purchase from your order history, ensuring a birthday present remains a pleasant surprise. Regardless of your motive, we’ll guide you with all the necessary information on how to erase or hide your Amazon purchase history or orders.

How to Hide Amazon Orders Using the Amazon Website

Currently, it is imperative to access the Amazon website via an internet browser (desktop or mobile) to utilize the archive order feature for blocking orders. This functionality is not integrated into Amazon’s official iPhone, Android, or iPad apps.

To initiate the process, use your preferred browser and navigate to Sign in to the Amazon account associated with the order you intend to conceal. On the upper-right side of the screen, click on “Returns & Orders.”

A comprehensive list of every purchase made on with this account will be displayed. Locate the specific order you wish to prevent from being listed. Once identified, select “Archive Order,” positioned in the lower-left corner of the order’s details box.

Remove or hide your Amazon purchase history on your desktop.

Visit the Amazon website through your browser and log in to your account.

Click on “Returns and Orders” located in the top right corner of the screen.

Scroll through the list of products you’ve purchased in the past three months. Identify the order you wish to erase or conceal and click on “View Order Details.”

Choose “Archive Order” to hide it. You can hide multiple orders, and they will be accessible in the “Archived Orders” section of your account.

If the item you’re seeking extends beyond the last three months, adjust the settings on the homepage to display orders from a different timeframe.

You can hide or erase the history of your Amazon order history using the app on mobile.

Launch your Amazon application on your phone or tablet and log in.

Navigate to “Your Orders” and locate the item you intend to conceal.

Tap on “View Order Details” and then select “Archive Order” to hide it.

It’s important to note that archiving an order doesn’t delete it from your account. To access archived orders, go to your account page and click on “Ordering and Shopping Preferences” > “Archived Orders.”

If a confirmation window pops up, click “Archive Order.”

Subsequently, the order will be removed from your main order list, yet it will still be accessible in your account’s “Archived Orders” section. Amazon allows you to retain up to 500 total orders.

How to Delete Amazon Order History

Navigate to Amazon and access your order history.

Choose the specific order you want to erase or hide.

Follow the provided steps to remove the order.

This is the process for removing an order from Amazon.

If you want to view the concealed order list, log in to your account and select the hidden order menu.

How to Archive Orders on Amazon

To swiftly conceal an order on your account dashboard, utilize the archive feature. Follow the steps below:

  • Log in to your account and navigate to order history.
  • Locate the total number of orders placed.
  • Within the order settings, click the option to archive.

By following these steps, you have successfully archived your orders on Amazon.

How to Hide Amazon Orders Without Prime

If you’re not subscribed to Prime, there’s no cause for concern. Numerous alternatives are available to help you maintain a sense of privacy for your Amazon account activities. These options include archiving your orders and browsing history, hiding your browsing history, changing your delivery address, and utilizing an Amazon Locker for order delivery.

Archive Your Amazon Orders

Archiving an order does not delete an item; instead, it conceals it from the regular order pages. Archived articles will still appear when explicitly searched on the orders page.

Here’s how to archive an order on Amazon:

  • Log in to your Amazon account and click on “Returns & Orders” on the right-hand side of the bar menu.
  • Once the program is open, scroll to find the item(s) you wish to conceal, then select “Archive Order” on the left side. You can archive up to 100 purchases, utilizing the search feature to locate specific items on your order page.
  • When you click the archive option, a pop-up window will appear, confirming your intention to archive the purchase. After archiving, the order will no longer appear on your order history page.

To view the order details of previously archived items:

  • Hover your mouse over “Accounts and Lists” in the menu.
  • Navigate through “Your Account” where you will find the “Archived Orders” section in the “Shopping and Ordering Preferences” section.

How can you delete the history of your Amazon payment history?

When you make a purchase on Amazon and complete the payment, the provided information is stored in your account for future use. However, if you are concerned about security or wish to streamline your account’s history, you can delete all the information in your Amazon payments history.

Follow these steps to erase your Amazon payments history:

  • Log in to your Amazon account, then select “Accounts & Lists” from the drop-down menu under “Accounts & Lists.”
  • Click on “Your Account.”
  • In the “Personalization” section, navigate to “Payment options.”
  • You will see a list of payment methods used on Amazon. To remove one, click the trash bin icon next to it.

How do you deal with an archived order?

Archiving serves as a subtle means of removing an order. It doesn’t completely delete any order placed in your online account; instead, it conceals the order within your purchase list. However, it’s important to note that archived orders can still be located using the “order search” or in the “Archived orders” section, providing the flexibility to remove the order at any time.

How many orders are you able to keep on Amazon?

The capability to archive orders extends to a limit of 500. If you desire to archive additional orders beyond this limit, you will need to dearchive existing orders.

To dearchive an order:

  • Choose “Returns & Orders” from the top bar on the Amazon website.
  • Pick “Archived orders” from the date drop-down box.
  • Click “View order details,” and then click the “Unarchive order” button.

Consider A Household Account

To streamline the organization of Amazon accounts for multiple users, individuals can opt to create a family account, a complimentary feature for Prime members.

A family account allows the addition of up to 10 users under the same account. Each user retains distinct purchase histories, lists, recommendations, and other personalized information. While adults can access each other’s profiles, children and teens have controlled activity. Family accounts encompass various profiles:

  • Two adults (18 and above), each with their own Amazon account.
  • Up to four profiles for teenagers (ages 13-17), enabling them to shop independently, seek permission for purchases via text message, and access certain Prime benefits if their parents are Prime members.
  • Up to four child profiles (ages 12 and below), with customizable settings for parents to regulate content access, set usage restrictions, and more.

Wrapping Up

It’s time to conclude! In this article, I’ve provided guidance on how to clear your order history on Amazon. While it’s not possible to completely erase Amazon’s purchase history, the platform doesn’t allow for such deletions.

One plausible explanation could be that Amazon utilizes your purchase history to generate personalized recommendations. Although erasing your order history on Amazon isn’t an option, you do have the alternative of preserving it. While there may be more advanced alternatives, this method proves effective.

I trust you find this article helpful. Should you have any further inquiries about Amazon, please share them in your comments. We’re here to assist you! In the meantime, feel free to explore Path of EX for additional related content.

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