How To Make Custom Ps5 Theme?

The PlayStation 5 stands as a powerful gaming console, and if you’ve been fortunate enough to acquire one, you’ve likely immersed yourself in the latest gaming experiences. As you explore customization options, you’ll likely want to personalize your console.

Considering the trajectory from the PlayStation 4 launch, it’s evident that more new themes and organizational features will be introduced in the evolving PS5 platform. To enhance the usability of your home screen, we’ve compiled some minor tweaks all in one place.

How do I alter your PS5 Theme?

The PS5 boasts a dynamic home screen, where the background changes based on the game you choose to play. For instance, selecting “Miles Spider-Man: Miles Morales” provides a distinct background, and the same occurs when opting for “The Last of Us Part 2.” The PS5 comes with a fresh theme by default, and this is one of the reasons it doesn’t offer customization options.

Currently, the websites we’ve explored do not provide the option to download or install themes. It’s possible that this could change with a future update. When searching for items in the PS5 category on the PlayStation Store, there are no articles available. Exclusive themes for the most popular games are still found under PS4.

The console features a slim menu positioned at the bottom of the display, differing significantly from the PS4 UI with its large game icon thumbnails. While this design allows for a more streamlined appearance and less clutter, it may pose a challenge for certain users due to the new UI features.

Can you alter the background of the PS5?

The themes on the PS5 remain unchangeable, and wallpapers are the only customizable option available.

Sony has not provided an explanation for this limitation.

As a result, players are currently confined to the dynamic backgrounds associated with each game they play.

When opting for an online game, the only choice available is to select the backdrop and the accompanying theme.

Unfortunately, no other alternatives are offered.

This restriction may be perceived as a disappointing experience for users.

Modify the Control Center

When you press the PS button on the PlayStation 5, you’ll encounter the Control Center, featuring cards serving as shortcuts and providing information about the current game. Additionally, quick menus are located at the lower part of the screen, granting access to notifications, friends, sound options, and more.

If you find the menu overwhelming with options you won’t use, or if you wish to hide certain features, you can customize the menu according to your preferences. Select any of the shortcuts on the side of the screen, then press the options button on the controller.

A list of all icons present on this screen will appear. Some are fixed, while others can be added or removed to tailor the menu to your specific needs.

The Wrapping Up

There you have it. The themes and backgrounds of the Playstation 5 cannot be changed. You are limited to the default Playstation user interface. We anticipate that more customization options will be available in the near future.

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