iOS 15 Home Screen Ideas of 2023 | Customized iPhone Layouts

The iPhone and iPad have become iconic devices and major revenue drivers for Apple. While these products offer exceptional quality and reliability, Apple tends to prioritize stability over experimental innovation. The iPhone, for instance, boasts a remarkable experience, but its design elements have evolved relatively slowly, as has the iOS software user interface. In light of this, we’ve compiled some creative iOS 15 Home Screen ideas to enhance your device’s setup. Feel free to take inspiration from these ideas and personalize them to align with your unique preferences.

1. Willfulness

Human creativity knows no bounds, and this extends to the realm of iOS 15 customization, even within constrained settings. You have the power to organize your iOS 15 apps into folders and give them custom names. Instead of using plain text, you can employ icons or emojis to represent each folder’s content.

For instance, you might choose the video camera emoji to represent a media category and include YouTube, Vimeo, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and similar apps within it. Here’s how you can create a folder:

  • Group apps of the same category into a folder.
  • Press and hold the folder for a few seconds, then select the “Rename” option.
  • Remove the existing name.
  • Open the emoji bar from the keyboard and start looking for a suitable icon for the folder.
  • I selected office building emoji.
  • Exit the keyboard.
  • To get a clearer view of the emoji or icon in the folder name, minimize the folder.

Replace system apps in the dock with frequently used ones to streamline navigation and enhance productivity with quick access to essential shortcuts.

Consider using a beach-themed wallpaper to set the mood on your Home Screen. To maintain a clear distinction between your professional and personal life and minimize distractions, you can opt for two separate Home Screens.

2. Alacrity Home Screen – Best iOS 15 Home Screen

The Alacrity Home Screen revolves around customization that reflects your personality. This is among the top iPhone home screen ideas. Begin by configuring the dock, where you can pin frequently used apps, including social media and productivity apps, among others.

Place a Photos widget at the top panel to infuse positivity into your daily life and serve as a constant reminder of your loved ones. Position the To-Do list widget adjacent to it, fostering a sense of focus and motivation to continually better yourself for those in your life.

Allocate the initial row to house the most essential apps, including Contacts, Maps, Music apps, and ride-sharing applications.

Feel free to be creative with your first Home Screen setup, and also consider color choices that exude positivity and uplift your daily experiences, as colors can have a significant impact on your mood and outlook.

3. Brown Bread – Top iOS 15 Home Screen

Brown bread is a stylish color scheme ideal for newer iPhone models. An increasing number of iPhone users have chosen to explore third-party services, opting out of Apple’s proprietary offerings.

Place frequently used apps in the dock; as someone who listens to music while working, my go-to app is Spotify. It’s my top choice for the dock.

Add a calendar widget at the top of the screen for a quick glance at the date. Select three apps of your preference, and organize all social media apps within a folder.

Since music is a significant part of my life, I opt for a Spotify or Apple Music widget, typically placed in the center of the screen. However, you have the flexibility to choose the widget that best suits your preferences for the central position.

Reserve space for apps you may need occasionally, and it’s advisable to group them into folders, which can include system applications as well.

4. Feel Motivated – Creative iOS 15 Home Screen

Whether you’re launching a startup or embarking on a new course of learning, it’s essential to remember that many successful individuals faced naysayers who doubted their abilities. You might find yourself surrounded by such skeptics. However, it’s crucial not to allow anyone to dictate the path you choose for your life or define the terms of your success. You have the power to chart your own course and determine what success means to you.

Given the significant amount of time we spend on our smartphones for reading, replying, and learning, it’s essential to create a visually pleasing experience. Set a bright and vibrant wallpaper to soothe your eyes and keep your motivation levels high. Bright colors are known to uplift the mood and have a positive impact on your overall day.

Distribute three motivational phrases across all parts of the screen. You can utilize text widgets or notes to serve as constant reminders, encouraging you to stay focused and make progress toward your goals.

Optimize the dock by pinning only the most frequently used apps for easy and efficient access.

5. Fire Focus – Unique iOS 15 Home Screen

In our fast-paced lives, we can’t afford to waste a single minute on unproductive activities. You’re operating at maximum efficiency, with no intention of slowing down. Your iPhone should be your reliable ally, lightening your workload and simplifying your daily tasks.

Clean up your dock by eliminating unnecessary apps and replace them with productivity tools like your email app, browser, and to-do list app.

Choose a background with a subtle blur effect that complements your home and its surroundings.

Include a battery widget in the top row to prevent any unwelcome surprises with a nearly depleted battery in the morning. Regrettably, all the latest iPhone models still feature the distinctive notch, which is not present in Android phones.

Place the calendar app in the top row for swift access to reminders and other essential information.

6. Mr.Organizer – iOS 15 Aesthetic Design

iOS software comes with certain limitations, but there are ways to make your device feel more personal and functional. While you can’t fully break through these limitations, you can enhance your iOS experience by customizing widgets, folders, and apps to your liking.

For dock customization, I recommend sticking with the system apps, as they are optimized for smooth performance. You can acquire third-party widgets from the App Store and place a large calendar widget in the top row, providing quick access to the day, date, and monthly calendar, all on your Home Screen.

To keep things organized, create four folders in the second row. These folders can house apps related to social media, school/work, photos, games, and notes. Additionally, add a note widget to your Home Screen as a motivational reminder of your goals.

In the last row, include a clock widget and create folders to store apps in specific categories, such as tools, games, and productivity. The objective here is to structure your Home Screen for enhanced productivity and easy access to your most-used apps.

When choosing a wallpaper, opt for a brown color theme, but ensure it is simple and free from distracting elements like words, patterns, or sketches that might evoke specific memories or distractions.

7. Rainbow Spirit

Embrace the colorful world of rainbow wallpapers that come preloaded on your iPhone. These wallpapers are tailor-made for iOS devices and offer a vibrant range of colors that perfectly complement your display. They are designed to match the display’s aspect ratio and technology, making them an ideal choice for your iPhone.

You can even personalize your dock to match the earlier version, featuring essential apps like Phone, Safari, Messages, and Music. Apple has reverted the Music app color to its classic look, adding a touch of nostalgia to your Home Screen.

To further enhance your iPhone experience, consider organizing your apps across multiple Home Screens, each dedicated to a specific category. Let your creativity shine as you arrange and customize your screens to suit your vision. Share your ideas in the comments section and inspire others with your unique Home Screen creations.

8. Aesthetic Pink

Let’s kick off with an aesthetic pink theme that combines organization and a pink color scheme for your Home Screen. The key is to maintain a clean and efficient layout, so there’s no need for multiple screens cluttered with every installed app.

For music enthusiasts, we’ll place an Apple Music or Spotify widget at the top of the screen, ensuring easy access to your daily tunes. Social media apps can be grouped together in a folder, allowing you to stay connected without cluttering the Home Screen. Feel free to customize the top panel to match your preferences, as it’s your personal space.

Don’t let daily tasks slip your mind. Add a To-Do list widget in the middle of the screen to keep track of your chores and tasks for the day. A quick glance will remind you of the number of tasks awaiting completion.

To maintain an organized and efficient Home Screen, place your most-used apps at the bottom of the screen. This way, you’ll have all your essential apps at your fingertips without overwhelming your Home Screen.

9. Inside Macrocosm 

We all have our unique qualities, both on the inside and out. If you’re seeking distinctive iPhone Home Screen layouts, we’ve got some ideas for you. While it’s not achievable through regular iOS software and requires a jailbroken iPhone for extensive customization, we’ve got a creative solution.

First, download specific packages from Cydia, which are readily available in the store. Incorporate a custom icon pack that includes icons for the most popular apps on the App Store. On the top screen, feature one widget with four essential apps tailored to your profession or passion.

For the second row, add two widgets of your choice for a personalized touch. Avoid randomly selecting apps simply for aesthetics. Remember, don’t sacrifice practicality for a unique and visually appealing design.


Here’s our unique perspective on the most imaginative iOS 15 Home Screen ideas that allow you to express your creativity within the confines of the software. You’re not bound by rigid rules, and you can draw inspiration from these Home Screen ideas to craft your very own design. Keep in mind that jailbreaking your device should not be taken lightly, as it can pose significant risks. Only venture down that path if you fully comprehend it. We’d love to hear your thoughts on these Home Screen ideas, so please share your feedback in the comments below.

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