Lend an Exceptional Minimalistic Touch to Your Home with De Stijl Design Style

One design style that has gained popularity for its exceptional minimalistic approach is De Stijl. Originating in the Netherlands in the early 20th century, De Stijl, which translates to “The Style” in English, is characterised by its use of geometric shapes, primary colours, and a strong emphasis on simplicity and abstraction. De Stijl might be the perfect choice if you want to transform your home into a space that exudes elegance and minimalism.

One of the critical principles of De Stijl’s design is the use of primary colours, primarily red, blue, and yellow, along with black and white. These colours are applied in bold, contrasting blocks, creating a visually striking effect. Consider using primary-coloured accents such as cushions, wall art, or furniture to incorporate this element into your home. A De Stijl-inspired chandelier or ceiling fan with these primary colours can become a focal point in your room, instantly elevating its aesthetics.

How to use a chandelier? 

A De Stijl-inspired chandelier can be an actual work of art. Imagine a ceiling fixture featuring primary-coloured geometric shapes suspended in perfect balance. This not only provides ambient lighting but also serves as a stunning visual centrepiece. Opt for a chandelier with bold lines and a symmetrical design to stay true to De Stijl’s principles.

Ceiling fans for a distinct touch

For a more functional yet stylish approach, consider a De Stijl-inspired ceiling fan. These fans often feature blades painted in primary colours or with geometric patterns. They blend form and function seamlessly, providing comfort while enhancing the room’s visual appeal. A De Stijl ceiling fan can be an excellent addition to spaces like the living room or bedroom, where both style and comfort are paramount.

In addition to colour, De Stijl also emphasises using geometric shapes, mainly rectangles and straight lines. This can be incorporated into your home’s architectural elements, furniture, and decor. Opt for minimalist, sleek furniture with clean lines and avoid excessive ornamentation. Keep the colour palette simple and use white or black as a backdrop to make the primary colours stand out.Find our finest ceiling fans in Bangalore near you

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