Medicat USB Latest Version 21.12 – Create USB Drive

Medicat serves as a bootable utility that empowers users to diagnose and resolve PC issues. With this tool, you can assess hardware, reset forgotten passwords, and restore functionality to a corrupted computer. If you’re seeking guidance on crafting a Medicat USB drive but unsure of where to start, this article offers a detailed step-by-step process for its creation.

Prerequisites To Create Medicat USB Drive

To craft a Medicat USB drive, several prerequisites are necessary:

  1. A stable internet connection is essential due to the sizable file, exceeding 20GB.
  2. Obtain the most recent version of Medicat by downloading it from this provided link.
  3. Prepare a USB drive with a minimum capacity of 32GB for the process.
  4. Install Ventoy on your computer by following this link.
  5. Ensure 7-Zip is installed on your PC; if not, download and install it from this link.

Steps To Create Medicat USB Drive

  • Insert the USB drive into your PC and launch the Ventoy app.
  • Within Ventoy, designate the partition type as MBR.
  • Select your USB drive and click ‘Install,’ triggering a reformatting process. Confirm with two ‘Yes’ clicks.
  • This readies the drive for Ventoy compatibility, enabling further progress.
  • Access File Explorer using the Windows + E shortcut.
  • Right-click the Ventoy partition, choose ‘Format’ from the context menu, and set the File System as NTFS. Initiate formatting with the ‘Start’ button.
  • Wait for the partition formatting to complete before proceeding.
  • Disable your antivirus software since Medicat, while a recovery tool, might trigger false virus notifications due to its password-cracking features.
  • Locate the saved Medicat file, right-click it, select ‘7-Zip,’ then ‘Extract Files.’
  • Choose your USB drive as the extraction destination and deselect the Medicat Main Partition to install all necessary files onto the USB.
  • Wait for the extraction process to finish. Once done, your Medicat USB drive is ready to troubleshoot PC issues effectively.

In conclusion, Medicat serves as a troubleshooting utility for crafting USB drives. Following these steps ensures a hassle-free creation of the Medicat USB drive, empowering you to troubleshoot various PC problems.

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