Panneaux Acoustiques Imprimés: Melding Artistry and Acoustics


In the ever-evolving landscape of interior design, the marriage of functionality and aesthetics has become paramount. Enter the realm of Panneaux Acoustiques Imprimés—printed acoustic wall panels that not only serve as sound absorbers but also unfold an unlimited realm of design potential. In this article, we delve into the world of Alpha, Absorb, and Echo Print acoustic panels, exploring how they seamlessly combine sound absorption with artistic expression.

Alpha, Absorb, and Echo Print: Unveiling the Artistry

Alpha: Crafted from Recycled Bottles

The Alpha series, available in 12mm and 24mm, is based on PET fiber from recycled bottles, exemplifying a commitment to environmental sustainability. The printed polyester panels from this series transform acoustic solutions into works of art. With prices starting from €68.74, Alpha offers an excellent combination of affordability and eco-conscious design.

Echo Print: Melamine Foam Elegance

For those seeking elegance in sound control, the Echo series offers 50mm printed foam acoustic panels. Covered with fabric, these panels marry the sophistication of melamine foam with visual appeal. Starting from €96.52, Echo Print panels open avenues for creativity and acoustic performance.

Unleashing Design Potential

These printed acoustic panels, whether Alpha or Echo, can be mounted on walls, ceilings, or suspended like baffles or clouds. The versatility of the base materials allows for customization to meet both performance and design requirements. The beauty of these panels lies in their ability to transform a space into an acoustic and aesthetic masterpiece, limited only by one’s imagination.

Visual Appeal and Acoustic Excellence

Beyond their visual appeal, these printed panels boast exceptional acoustic performance. Many of them are Class A sound absorbers, effectively reducing reverberation and echo. The result is an improvement in comfort and well-being for occupants, whether they be guests, staff, or individuals seeking a harmonious environment.

Alpha Print: A Symphony of Acoustic Art

Alpha Print stands out as a high-performance acoustic panel and artwork solution. By directly printing images onto the acoustic panels using an in-house flatbed printer, Alpha Print becomes a canvas for creativity. Whether it’s a company logo, digital drawing, or stock image, Alpha Print transforms spaces while enhancing brand awareness and user well-being.

Designing with Alpha Print: Image Guidelines

In the realm of Alpha Print, the possibilities are vast. Designs can be printed on single panels or extended across multiple panels to maximize wall coverage. However, certain guidelines ensure optimal results:

  • License: Users must have the rights to use the images for printing.
  • File Requirement: High-resolution PDFs are the preferred format.
  • Recommended Image Resolution: 300 dpi.
  • Minimum Image Size: 1500 px x 1500 px.
  • Maximum Printing Capacity: 1225 mm x 2800 mm.

Features and Benefits of Panneaux Acoustiques Imprimés

1. Suitable for Areas with High Reverberation Times:

These printed panels are designed to thrive in environments with high reverberation times, making them ideal for spaces where acoustics play a critical role.

2. Versatile Sizes Available in 12mm and 24mm:

The flexibility in sizes—ranging from 1200mm x 600mm to 1200mm x 2400mm—in both 12mm and 24mm thickness, ensures adaptability to diverse spatial requirements.

3. Easy Installation and Direct Application:

Installation is a breeze, and these panels can be applied directly to walls or ceilings. Their versatility allows for direct placement where acoustic intervention is needed the most.

4. Low Maintenance and Durability:

Made from 65% recycled polyester and 100% recyclable, these printed panels are not only eco-friendly but also low maintenance and durable, ensuring years of excellent performance.

Panneaux Acoustiques Imprimés: Where Art Meets Acoustics

In conclusion, the fusion of art and acoustics finds its epitome in Panneaux Acoustiques Imprimés. The Alpha, Absorb, and Echo Print series redefine how we perceive sound control by offering not just functionality but a canvas for artistic expression. From reducing reverberation to enhancing visual appeal, these printed panels stand at the intersection of innovation and design.

As we embrace the era of environmentally conscious design, the Alpha series, with its recycled PET fiber, takes a stride towards sustainable solutions. Alpha Print goes a step further, providing a platform for bespoke creations that elevate spaces, improve brand aesthetics, and contribute to the overall well-being of occupants.

In the symphony of design possibilities, Panneaux Acoustiques Imprimés emerges as a conductor, orchestrating an auditory and visual experience that transcends the ordinary. Whether it’s the Alpha series with its eco-friendly foundations or the Echo series marrying elegance and performance, these printed panels redefine the ambiance of any space.

Let your walls and ceilings resonate with both acoustic excellence and artistic elegance. Panneaux Acoustiques Imprimés—where art meets acoustics in perfect harmony.

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