Download PUBG Korea (KR) iOS latest version for Free

The PUBG korea ios game is one of the most addictive multiplayer games that can be played on mobile devices. It’s a battle royale-style game with great graphics. The pubg korea ios game has turned out to be immensely popular, which means there are many players who want to play PUBG korea too.

PUBG made a world record by being the most playable game across every country. PUBG mobile KR version has won the hearts of every people whether they are males or female, adult or child as it comes with different play store. It is specially made for Korean people. Player Unknowns’ Battleground comes with almost the close look with PUBG Global version.

The KR version has almost all new features, including ice and fire ranger and many new other skins, weapons, and much more. The Royal pass season 14 has a considerable number of different missions and rewards.

PUBG recently launched the PUBG iOS Korean version, which has a similar gaming experience as the real PUBG version. This genre has plenty of new features such as skins, weapons, and costumes. Because PUBG announced the PUBG or new update 2022, all the gamers can’t hold back from playing it.

PUBG Korea ios

In its new version, some features are added to it that are very popular among the people. A lot of people thought the Global version to be the best than the Korean one. However, We didn’t realize any major difference, and we Noticed they both come with the same graphics, characters, and much more.

Additionally, we have observed that players, especially the iOS users, cannot download pubg K.R. version apk from their Ios’s apple store. Without playing this version, still, all the gamers have the expertise to play this new update. Meanwhile, the good news is we are providing you the solution to play pubg mobile Korean apk 2021.

Because the Korean version has some of the latest and changed features from the global, and it has some great performances from the other one, which is the worldwide version.

Keep reading to learn more about pubg mobile Korean version download For IOS.

Difference Between Pubg Mobile Korean & Global Version

This Famous game has a massive family of fans who want to enjoy their time. Where as some reason, don’t allow the Korean people to enjoy pubg on the original platform.

So for their excitement, the Korean developers have designed it, and now Korean people enjoy it. That means the public who are spending their lives in that region of Korea.

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Furthermore, all the people from the whole world can download it, and they have this app if they want to download it. The features of both PUBG Korean and Global are correctly the same to each other.

But if we talk about the difference between the identical versions, some of the changes lie between them. But no one can release how much they both have changed in them.

During playing the game, the users can access the extra stuff very quickly and within a short time. However, sometimes all of the features take some time to get them.

Pubg’s Korean version is getting famous because anyone can play it anywhere globally as more than 100,000 million people are playing this game worldwide. It is the best version to try to have easy access to essential game tools and stuff. The Pubg KR version has many similarities with the Global version; therefore, no one has restrictions in playing it.

Similarly the globler one also has the same experiance. But the global app is ready to use for all the users in the entire world. But in the Korean version, there are a few things similar to the other version, which is also available widely. But this is best for the Korean people.

The Korean version of pubg has some differences from the Tencent version. The Korean version pubg has some critical and exciting stuff, and it includes things like gun skins, outfits, navigation tools, and many more.

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Features of PUBG Mobile Korean Version

  • A.C.E. theme gameplay
  • The latest modules are available
  • Amazing U.I.
  • New flora danger mode
  • New vikendi map
  • Old metro reunion mode
  • Survive mode available
  • A lot of additions to communicate with team players

PUBG mobile Korea download requirements

Make sure to connect your device with a stable internet connection to download the pubg mobile Korea version. It requires massive space because the game file size is about 1.8Gigabyte, while 2.7 pairs for iOS.

How to Download PUBG mobile Korea iOS version free?

As china apps get banned in India and some other countries, the pubg mobile no longer exists in their AppStore for iOS users. There no one can install or update nor Run pubg mobile in these countries.

Even Android users have a simple way to download pubg mobile as an apk from any website. However, This process failed on iOS due to its high-level security and restrictions.

Only this can be done by jailbreaking. But don’t worry, there is still an easy solution about that, we are going to discuss this pretty solution for you.

Along with all of these things, there are still many ways by which you can get these banned apps and games. Here pubg mobile is one of the ban games. Instead of jailbreaking and doing other experiments with your iPhone, follow the steps we have mentioned, as we have tried many methods and selected the best one for you. Let’s start a discussion about installing the PUBG Korean version.

You can get the latest version of PUBG on your devices quickly by following these steps after some clicks:

  • In the first step, go to the app store and get the App icon button available on the peak in the right booth.
  • Next, tap your apple I.D. after that, click on country/region.
PUBG Korea
  • Now you need to change your current area.
pubg korea ios
pubg korea ios
  • Click the part after which select Korea as your country.
pubg mobile
  • Now click agree to complete it.
pubg mobile korea
  • GOt the payment section which is placed on the following page.
  • Now add billing info, city, and province randomly.
Korean Pubg mobile IOS version
Korean Pubg mobile IOS version
  • The postcode must be the correct one (search any Korean zip code on google)
  • Finally, save these settings, after which your mobile version will automatically convert into the Korean one.
Korean Pubg mobile IOS
Pubg mobile IOS
  • Now close all the tabs by shifting to AppStore; you’ll notice the changed language to be Korean.
  • Search for pubg mobile now; once you get you’ll see the developer and PUBG corporation (not Tencent games)
  • After getting the app as in the downloading form, You can regress to your home and make all the settings according to your choice.
Korean Pubg mobile IOS version
  • In the end, fulfill some form here as registration as a newbie there

Korean Pubg mobile IOS version is legal or not?

The Korean version is legal so that everyone can play, and it is not on the list of banned games, so it is valid. There are restrictions on legal or illegal panels, and all thighs and features are permitted, and anyone can enjoy the era of complete legal processes.

The Government of India has denied the Korean pubg mobile, and therefore, you can easily download it from our apk website. On our A.P.K. site, this PUBG app is available in terms of files, and so it is straightforward to download, and anyone can use it.

Advantages of downloading Korean PUBG

  1. They have a lot more stuff and crates than the Universal version of Pubg.
  2. Free lucky spins are available.
  3. You will have access to play with the players of the global version.
  4. Vehicles, helmets, guns, and bag skins are also available

Process of updating the Pubg mobile Korean version in an iPhone/iPad

Downloading the new update of Pubg Korea version 2021 is pretty straightforward if you have completed the upper steps.

In the latest, some of the things are happening just for the ease of the users. Because in the previous version, some steps were different from the newest version.

You can easily update the Pubg mobile K.R. version 2021 after doing the guide we provided. You’ll now see the update option in-app in the store, and press the update button, download, and install it. There is no rocket science to update the app and for downloading the Apk.

Troubleshooting with PUBG KR Mobile Version iOS

While using it, if there are some problems, the “server is currently beneath preservation” and “Network error” follow the contesting era. When you get the app and have a problem while using it, download any good VPN and make your access to it more manageable.


So you can notice there are a lot of methods for playing this game on your IOS; it can be by using VPN. But it’s not a recommended method. It’s better to download it as we mentioned the technique, to be safe and play safe. The experience of playing pubg Korean won’t be the same as the real one. However, it’s better than having nothing. I hope you’ll get our article informative.

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