Quizlet live: What’s it all about?

“Quizlet Live, an engaging team-based quiz developed by Quizlet. Follow these steps to generate and share a set for a Live Quizlet game. Assign student groups to participate, with a minimum of six students required. Players will receive a unique code to log in, enabling them to connect with their teammates and engage in the competitive Quizlet Live game.”

What is Quizlet Live?

“Quizlet Live serves as an engaging classroom game, akin to other formative assessment tools like Kahoot and Quizizz. It offers user-friendly navigation. You can opt for a study set you’ve crafted or one saved in your library. Click on the ‘Live’ option to access the study set, and Quizlet Live initiates a game with a distinct code for students to participate.”

How do You join Quizlet Live?

“Quizlet Live is accessible to students through PC browsers like Chrome, laptops, or mobile phone browsers.

To participate:

  • Students visit www.Quizlet.live using their mobile devices.
  • They enter the shared code.
  • If they have the Quizlet App on their smartphones, they can also scan a QR code to join.

A minimum of four students is required to start a Quizlet Live game. Once students join, their names will be visible under the given code.”

How to play Quizlet Live in groups?

“Students can collaborate in teams to answer questions. For the teams mode, a minimum of four players and at least six term-definition pairs are required. Each player should have a mobile device or laptop.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Students are grouped into teams of three or more players, each receiving an amulet representing an animal, such as a sea turtle or another aquatic creature. These amulets help students identify and connect with their team members.
  2. If not playing an alternative Quizlet Live version, team members should sit together. You can project the screen for the entire class to follow.
  3. Players open Quizlet, use the join code, and enter their names.
  4. Click on “Start game,” then select “Create game.” Random teams are assigned, and you can reshuffle to change team members. Students can be removed from a team, but not before the game starts.
  5. Students can click the “Team Shift” button before finding a partner to create a new team. This is useful if certain players are distracting or if there’s an unfair advantage with other teams.”

How do you get started with QuizletLive games?

“At the beginning of the game, each student in a team will have access to a subset of terms. Team members collaborate to answer questions accurately, linking the correct answers together. The team that successfully answers all 12 questions, grouped in eight pairs consecutively, wins the game.”

Quizlet.Live Game Round Checkpoint

“To initiate a Checkpoint round for a quick and informative class assessment, follow these steps:

  • Log in to your teacher account.
  • Choose a specific course.
  • Click on a checkpoint within Quizlet Live.
  • After presenting the questions, click on the Continue button to proceed.”

Ending Bonus

“Maximize your experience with Quizlet Live by considering the following tips:

  • Reshuffle Teams: Occasionally reshuffling teams provides a change of scenery and promotes movement, enhancing the engagement of students.
  • Monitor Progress: Track students’ progress on Quizlet, assess their performance, and use competition to motivate them. Recognize winning team members by allowing them to write their names on the board and earn points.
  • Create Unlimited Classes: Utilize the flexibility of Quizlet by creating unlimited classes to connect students with your content effectively.
  • Ad-Free Classes: Enhance the learning experience by eliminating distractions. Get rid of advertisements in the classes you create, contributing to a more focused environment for students.”

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